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Quick! Time to catch ‘em all! The Pokemon x Tony Moly Collection!

Awwwww Yissssss! Two of my greatest loves together in one! Korean skincare products and Pokemon!

Do you remember having Pokemon trading cards, games, and memorabilia as a kid? I sure do! I’d always fight with my little brother over who got to keep the best cards. Oh man…memories.

I thought Pokemon was slowly dying out as I aged, but it still held onto its popularity and this year it’s been making a huge comeback! First, with the ever so popular phone game, Pokemon Go. Now, Pokemon is making it’s way into k-beauty. With cute Pokemon characters on the packaging and top quality skincare products from Tony Moly, this new line is sure to be a great success!


What are the products?

Hand cream (Buy Here):


  1. Pikachu: Vanilla
  2. Squirtle: Lotus
  3. Jigglypuff: Peach
  4. Snorlax: Lavender
  5. Charmander: Grapefruit
  6. Bulbasaur: Green Tea
  7. Togepi: Lemon
  8. Eevee: Powder


Foam cleanser (Buy Here):

  1. Pikachu: Moisture Foam Cleanser
  2. Charmander: Brightening Foam Cleanser
  3. Squirtle: Hydrating Foam Cleanser
  4. Bulbasaur: Pore Foam Cleanser



Pikachu masks are NOT SOLD individually! You can only get them if you purchase Pokemon products.


Face creams (Buy Here):

Although it is referred as a “face cream”, it can also be used for dry areas like for your elbows and feet.

  1. Squirtle: Water Moisture Cream
  2. Meowth: Butter Nutrition Cream
  3. Psyduck: Cheese Firming Cream
  4. Pikachu: Honey Moisture Cream


Nail polishes (Not yet released yet)

  1. Odish: earthy green
  2. Slowpoke: bubble-gum pink
  3. Charmander: red
  4. Jigglypuff: light purple-pink
  5. Pikachu: glitter nail polish of red, yellow, white, and shiny specks
  6. Psyduck: yellow

*Like a rare Pokemon, these have been rarely seen and are not available yet. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact colors down.


Where can I get ’em??

Here at K-Beauty Now we actually have ALL the hand creams, face creams, and foam cleansers in stock! However, they’re limited so you gotta catch ‘em all fast!

Our special offer includes if you buy a Pokemon hand cream/face cream/foam cleanser we’ll make it DOUBLE. 1 FREE limited edition Pikachu Moisture Sheet Mask for every Pokemon transaction, available while stock lasts!

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This is written by Rebecca Choi. 

Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Skin Color: Natural Beige
Skin Undertone: Olive undertones

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Rebecca Aguilar Choi

Rebecca Choi is Seoul based and Beauty Editor at K-Beauty Now. Having lived in South Korea for multiple years, she is here to give the readers a foreigner perspective on all things dealing with Korean culture and travel.

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