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The Face Shop Kakao Mask Ryan the Lion

I’ve tried many different beauty masks from The Face Shop before, but I’ve never tried any from their Kakao Friends line.

Kakao Friends characters have become a huge trend not just here in South Korea, but all over the world. One of the main ingredients of the essence in this particular mask is honey. It helps dull and tired looking skin look smooth and glowy, and gives off a slight sweet scent.

Tfm Charactermask After

This mask worked great with my skin and I loved every moment while wearing it. It didn’t feel heavy on my skin and the essence on the cotton mask was just the right amount. It really did feel like my skin became more moisturized and radiant as the package promised. Lastly, I really enjoyed the scent of this mask. It was slightly honey, but also floral at the same time.


This particular Kakao Friends mask is Ryan the Lion. It helps to moisturize and give your skin a natural looking glow. If you have dry or dull looking skin I would highly recommend using this product. Also, it doesn’t have five possibly skin irritating additives: paraben, talc, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, and paraffin. If you have sensitive skin or are conscious about what you put on your face, then I think this mask would be perfect for you!

Application: 9/10

There was just the right amount of essence that came with this mask. I was very happy with how easy it was to put on. However, since it is a character mask and different from other beauty masks. It did have extra material over the eyes and mouth to make your face really look like the Kakao Friend Ryan. I understand that, but then you are left completely blind since the cotton mask isn’t see through. I had to rip off the eyes and mouth from the mask. It’s a little extra work and I didn’t mind it, but it might be annoying for some users. Other than that, it was super easy to apply this beauty mask.

Tfm Charactemask Logo

Packaging: 10/10

The directions on this package are on point! They also include an ingredients list in English AND they also include the two selling points of this mask in English as well. The package is flexible, so it could easily fit in any bag and be bend if needed.

Storage Tips

I would recommend keeping this in a cabinet or on a shelf that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight so it doesn’t dry out the essence inside the packaging.

Have you used this beauty mask or any of the other Kakao Friends mask from The Face Shop? What other masks from different Korean beauty companies have you tried? I’d love to hear your review, thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

This review is based on Rebecca Choi’s editor review. Her review is based on real usage & review with her skin type as listed.

Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Skin Color: Natural Beige
Skin Undertone: Olive undertones

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Rebecca Aguilar Choi

Rebecca Choi is Seoul based and Beauty Editor at K-Beauty Now. Having lived in South Korea for multiple years, she is here to give the readers a foreigner perspective on all things dealing with Korean culture and travel.

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