Etude House’s Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Palette 2016

Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar SwatchSouth Korea’s Etude House releases a new eyeshadow palette for spring 2016, “Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Palette” with 10 different shades. The new colors will create a fresh new look onto your beautiful face, and your eyes would be sparkling with beautiful colors in no time. So make sure to play the right colors onto your juicy-full eyes and find that look!

This is a 10 color eyeshadow where each color is like the color of a glass of juice.

Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar 2

Orange Color Shades

Each shade makes the eyes look soft and tender, and orange-brown fits perfectly as a point-makeup with one palette and color combination to complete the look.

Soft & Silky Texture

It has an outstanding adherence & silky texture. There is no caking or flaking, and glides softly onto the skin. The vivid colors are highly pigmented and are long-lasting.

Color Palette

Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar Color Swatch로우 카카오 – Low Kakao

생자몽 타르트 – Fresh Grapefruit Tart

말랑 복숭아 – Malang Peach

오렌지 필 – Orange Peel

머슬마니아 – Muscle Mania

오렌지 비앙코 – Orange Bianco

피버 오렌지 –  Fever Orange

키싱미 키싱구라미 – Kissing Me Kissing Gourami

새로운 레시피 – New Recipe

향쵸켜고 거품목욕 – Candles and Bubble Bath

Color SwatchEtude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar SwatchHow To Use

Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice BarWith enclosed tip’s wider surface, spread base color onto eyelid and with tip’s narrow surface, apply shadow for gradation, eye edges or delicate application to lash line.


Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar 6

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