Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest B-jo Eye Want Cream

This was my first time using a product from Elizavecca. I was very impressed by it on many fronts. Before I get into my personal review of this product, let me first introduce you to this company.

Elizavecca is a newcomer to Korean skincare. However, their products have been taking Korean beauty and skincare consumers by force. Their products are not only made in Korea, but they offer a great variety of products for cleansing, hydration, anti-aging, and the list goes on. I had my doubts when I first tried this product since I didn’t think that it would really brighten my eyes and help my eye wrinkles fill in, but it really worked! Even my husband noticed that my eyes looked brighter, and other editors of K-Beauty Now saw that my under eye creases became less defined.

Elizavecca - Gold Eye Cream

What makes this product special?

The catch of this product is that it uses bird’s nest. It may seem completely odd, weird, and wrong all at the same time to apply the cream made from a bird’s nest, but the effects of the ingredient are tremendous. This is why a bird’s nest is an expensive and desired exotic ingredient from Asia. The nests used for skincare products and the ones that are consumed are carefully selected and only come from a certain type of bird, the swiftlet (swallow). This is why consuming foods and using products with bird’s nest used as an ingredient can be rather pricey.

This trend started in China, and it’s believed that bird’s nest rich protein, calcium, potassium, and amino acid compounds have great anti-aging benefits. For years it was used in soup, but now you can take it in a pill form or use it in skincare products. When used in skincare products, the compounds within the bird’s nest can help you have more youthful, elastic, and glowing skin.


This is a great product for those creeping along the age ladder, or for people who want to delay their skin from aging. Also, if you want the area around your eyes to be brighter and try to lessen your dark circles, then I would highly recommend using the Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest B-jo Eye Want Cream. You can also use it as a moisturizing cream for your entire face! Imagine having brighter, more elastic, youthful skin! Tis a dream come true!

Texture: 10/10

What I really like about this cream is that it’s super soft and spreads easily. Some other creams that I’ve tried are hard and you have to warm it up in your hands first. With this cream from Elizavecca, I can just use the spatula tool or my fingers to spread and massage the product easily into my skin. Lastly, I really like that it doesn’t feel oily even though this cream includes a lot of natural plant oils. It absorbs into your skin easily and doesn’t feel like there is a layer of product just sitting on top of your skin.

Application: 10/10

What’s great about this product is that it’s ridiculously easy to apply. Usually, eye creams come in tiny packaging, but the Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest B-jo Eye Want Cream comes in a very large jar. Seriously, a little goes a long way here. I believe this product can actually last me a year (if I only use it as an eye cream). When I was first testing this eye cream, I would only apply it once at night to see if the promised benefits would show using a simple nightly skincare routine. I noticed my eyes became much brighter within a week with that method.

Now, I use it in the morning as well as at night after using toner, but before applying my makeup. I doubled the application because I really liked how it absorbs into my skin quickly, especially around the eye area since the skin is thinner there, and the overall benefits of this cream. To me, it works great with my makeup and doesn’t make it sticky or come off. In fact, I believe it helps my eyeshadow stay on better, and I don’t even wear eye primer (even though I should). Since I could tell the product was working on my eyes, I had decided to use it all over my face as well in the morning and I love it. It feels really light and not oily.

Hydration: 10/10

I could tell easily that this product was hydrating because it made my skin feel really soft even after one use. Since it gets really hot here South Korea during the summer, my skin can dry out easily and it was nice to use this light hydrating cream especially around my eyes. I also noticed the redness that I get on my cheeks started to disappear because of the hydrating elements from this product.

Packaging: 8/10

Before getting to the actual cream, you have to twist off the lid and remove the plastic covering. However, this covering also doubles as a seal that you can take on and off after every use to keep the cream from drying out. It also doubles as a spatula holder for the mini-spatula that comes with the cream to help you spread it easily and evenly around your eyes, smile lines, forehead, and basically all over your face.

The main reasons I didn’t give this area a “10/10” is because everything is in Korean and the cute gold lettering on the outside rubs off within weeks. On the packaging, except for the English in the title, all directions and details are in Korean. However, I’m confident that they will add more languages to their packaging as their consumers become more global. Lastly, if they used a different material for the printing or a different container, the writing would stay on better.

Storage Tips

I would recommend keeping this in a cabinet or on a shelf that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight so it doesn’t melt the cream or destroy the ingredients in the cream.

Brand Claims

Elizavecca claims that it will give vitality to the skin due to the extract of the bird’s nest. This cream is as marketed below translated from Korean to English:

  • Uses the extract 50% of swiftlet (swallow) bird’s nest abundantly on the skin
  • Its moisturizing power helps improve skin texture and makes it more elastic
  • This product is moisturizing and non-sticky because of fermented oil obtained from natural, raw ingredients
  • Further moistens the skin with 24K gold 10ppm
  • Can be used as a face and eye cream
  • Large bottle capacity of 100ml
  • Includes whitening elements to bright skin and diminish wrinkles
  • Other natural ingredients include shea butter, macadamia nuts, rosemary extract, and ginkgo leaf extracts


Have you used products from Elizavecca before? Are you worried yet about wrinkles or other skin aging problems? I’d love to hear your review, thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

This review is based on Rebecca Choi’s editor review. Her review is based on real usage & review with her skin type as listed.

Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Skin Color: Natural Beige
Skin Undertone: Olive undertones

Editor’s Review – Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest B-jo Eye Want Cream
  • Texture
  • Application
  • Packaging
  • Hydration
The Good

Easy to apply

Light scent



Long lasting product

The Bad

Directions are all in Korean

Takes time to see results (wrinkles)

Not sure how much should be applied as it isn’t clearly indicated on back of product