Top 4 Korean Summer Drinks From Convenience Stores To Keep Slim

It’s no secret that people in South Korea like to keep fit and healthy. However, what about when it’s hot outside?

Growing up in the U.S., nothing was better than drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola or scarfing down some delicious ice cream. Not that people don’t do that here, believe me… there are Baskin Robbins EVERYWHERE and convenience store frozen treats are beyond amazing. However, what do people drink when they want to watch their waistline, but cool down at the same time?

I observed my coworkers and people around me see what they like to drink during the summer. I also paid attention to various television and street advertisements to see what is being promoted and what celebrities are promoting it. Lastly, I also factored in the price. All of these drinks cost less than 3,000 KRW ($3)! Delicious refreshing drinks and at a cheap price, you can’t beat that!


  1. V라인 옥수수 수염차 (V-Line Corn Silk Tea)

    • Calories: 0
      Promoted by:
    • Formerly Promoted by: Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun from “My Love from the Stars
    • Review: 
      • This tea is made from the little hairs that are wrapped around corn when it’s still in its husk. You know, the ones that would get stuck in your teeth if you didn’t clean off the corn properly before cooking it.
      • The catch with this drink is that it can give you a “V-line.” Having a “V-line” is very important in South Korea. Many people undergo plastic surgery to get it. It’s having a smaller jaw that v’s down to the chin. Now, we all know you can’t get that from drinking tea, but the idea is that it’s 0 calorie content can help your face slim down to a possible v shape.
    • Taste: 10/10
  1. 헛개수 (Raisin Water)


    • Calories: 0
    • Formerly promoted by: 2015 Korean drama Misaeng
    • Benefits: 
      • This drink gives you a boost of energy throughout your hectic days.
      • It can also help settle an upset stomach after a night out.
    • Taste: 9/10
    • Review: One of my coworkers is in love with this drink. She drinks it almost everyday. “It tastes like you’re drinking beer, but without the calories! It’s a wheaty flavor,” is what she said to me when I asked her about why she loves drinking it so much.
  1. 몸이 가벼워지는 시간 17차 (Make Your Body Lighter)


    • Calories: 0
    • Formerly promoted by: Jun Ji Hyun back in the mid-2000s
    • Benefits: 
      • This tea contains 17 different ingredients: buckwheat, barley, solomon’s seal, corn, brown rice, adlay, green tea, cassia seed, ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi Mushroom), chicory, mulberry leaves, cornus fruit, Chinese matrimony vine, safflower seed, chaga, phellinus linteus, tangerine peel.
      • Along with being a low-calorie drink, this tea is supposed to help boost your metabolism and keep you healthy.
    • Taste: 10/10

Health Drink

  1. 미에로 화이바 (Miero Fiber) 210 ml


    • Calories: 70
    • Promoted by: Honey Lee (Miss Korea)
    • Benefits: 
      • This drink is supposed to help boost your metabolism and help you get the daily fiber you need.
      • This is the perfect drink for if you want something sweet, but still low in calories as well.
    • Taste: 10/10

BONUS: Coffee

  1. 칸타타- 아이스블랙커피 (Iced Black Coffee)

    • Calories: 4
    • Review: 
      • Coffee can be expensive in South Korea, but getting packaged coffee is good for both the waist and wallet.
      • There are a variety of coffee brands like this one that carry various flavors to fit whatever fixing you need.
      • When I’m at work, I buy two packets with one ice cup every workday. I can’t live…or probably function without it!
    • Taste: 10/10
  1.  칸타타- 아이스카라멜 마키아토 (Iced Caramel Macchiato)


    • Calories: 105
    • Review: 
      • This is a sweeter and higher calorie type of coffee, but it’s still lower in calories than the actual speciality coffees you can buy at a cafe.
      • Just like the iced black coffee, this one is also much cheaper than the ones you can find at any chain cafe here in South Korea.
    • Taste: 8/10

“All these cool and refreshing drinks are delicious, but my favorites are the iced black coffee, V-line corn silk tea, and Miero Fiber. I drink convenience store iced black coffee about five times a week. No joke. It’s quick, cheap, and well…convenient. It’s my go-to for when I need a cool drink and a pick me up for work.” – Rebecca Choi, KBN Beauty Editor

How can I get similar drinks around the world?

  1. Tea is where it’s at! If you can find some green, barley, corn, or any unsweetened tea and chill it, then you’ll be good to go. The key is for the tea to be unsweetened since it’s the unnatural sugar that is bad for you!
  2. Make yourself or buy just plain black coffee. I know many people can’t stand the taste, but it is better for you, and according to my old gym trainer it can boost your metabolism and fight off hunger.
  3. I haven’t heard of any fiber drinks from around the world, but I think one could achieve this by juicing. Just wash, peel, and throw whatever fruits and/or vegetables you like in a blender and juicer and have it a go! It’s a great way to get vitamins and fiber.

What do you drink during the summer to keep cool? Have you tried any of the beverages listed above? I’d love to hear your review, thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

Jihee Park

Jihee Park is the Lead Beauty Editor of K-Beauty Now. Based in the heart of Seoul, her professional expertise and approach in academic, social media, and lifestyle coverage provide compelling articles the community can trust. Translated from Korean to English, bringing you the latest k-beauty news straight from South Korea.