5 Most Popular Umbrella Designs in Korea

Rain, rain go away

Familiar with the ‘monsoon season’ in Korea? Here, summer is not just about wearing short shorts and tank tops, chilling on the beach, and eating ice cream every day. We have the monsoon season, also known as the rainy months, in late June to July. It rains almost everyday or every other day, and even worse, the air becomes hot and humid all together. Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of the house due to the heavy rainfall.

Therefore, people should stock up on their umbrellas at home and have their rain boots ready. Rain is a common sight to see in Korea during the summer time, and you need to have the right gears to handle the rainy season. Here are some popular umbrella designs that are suggested for you to lighten up your mood in gloomy weather during the monsoon season.

Polka dot umbrella


Lovely ribbon umbrella



Transparent white (other colors available) umbrella



Mini-sunny folding umbrella (양산: pronounced yang san)



Windproof umbrella

Editor’s Tip

During the monsoon season, convenient stores (located everywhere) sell many umbrellas. It is sometimes sold out if you are unlucky, too. As a result, during the rainy months, be sure to carry a small umbrella in your bag at all times, or leave one in your office so that you can use it whenever it starts to rain after work. It’s better safe than worry!


What’s the monsoon season like in Korea? Do you have a preference for your umbrellas? Please share your thoughts, experiences & tips about the rainy months in Korea!

Jihee Park

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