Throw Out Your Lipsticks! Lip Tints Are Here To Stain!

K-Beauty Now Kiss and Tell

What are lip tints?

They’re a cosmetic item created to stain your lips for a longer period of time than lipstick with whatever desired color the buyer would like. Usually tints come in a variety of pinks and reds, but these days oranges have become a hot trend here in South Korea.

What kinds are there?

They used to come in a basic liquid form that you would dab on your lips and smear by pushing your lips together and moving them in a back and forth motion. Usually you’d have to put a gloss or chapstick over the color to give it more shine, moisture, or sparkle. However, these days lip tints come in gloss or stick form with added ingredients to give it a shine or creamy feeling instead of the old dried out feeling on your lips.

How long has this trend been around?

From my experience, lip tints have been in trend since at least the summer of 2012. That is when I first came to South Korea. I remember buying one and being amazed by how long it stayed on my lips. I also asked my husband (yes, I really did ask him about makeup) and he recalls lip tints becoming popular in South Korea starting in the early 2000s.

Why should I try lip tints?

Are you always on the run? Do you have short lunch breaks at work? Then I would highly suggest trying lip tints. They’re super quick to put on and last for a long time even in between meals and sometimes even after brushing your teeth! My lips tend to dry out easily, so I’m always applying a clear chapstick on them. When using a tint along with any clear lip coating, you get a pop of color that lasts all day without the worry of the color smearing since you’re only applying a clear layer over it. Also, if you want to save some money I would definitely try lip tints. They usually cost less than lipsticks and a little goes a long way, which is one reason why tints are so popular amongst teenagers and young adults here in South Korea.

Break Down!



  • Color stays on your lips for a long time
  • You don’t have to reapply as much as lipsticks
  • Usually stay on well while eating, drinking, and kissing (ooh-la-la!)
  • Usually cheaper to buy than lipsticks
  • If spilled on your clothing, it does take a lot to get it off
  • It REALLY can stay on your lips for a long time even after using makeup removers (South Korean beauty companies have started to specifically make lip tint removers for this reason)
  • Can be really dry on your lips

Korean cosmetic companies continue to pump out different lip tints each season. It looks like this beauty trend has really left a big stain in Korean beauty!

Have you used any lip tints before? We’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences with them in the comments below!