When do Korean Girls Start Putting on Makeup?

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When we look at Korean girls, we can’t help but to envy their perfect skin. It looks like they are glowing under the sunlight almost flawlessly. So how do they do it? The secret is using Korean makeup, and I mean the RIGHT kind of makeup. Another question you might have is, how early do they start putting on makeup? That’s really a question that lingers in my head all the time because everyone just knows the perfect way to put on makeup according to their skin type, facial features, etc. 

In order to find out when Korean girls actually start putting on makeup, JoongAng Daily surveyed 362 people and asked what their preferences are for putting on makeup. The results showed that Korean girls start at a REALLY young age like most Westerners. As early as 13 years old (when they go to middle school), they buy lip tints (98% of the time). Sometimes even an eyeliner or eyeshadow depending on how much they are interested in makeup.

Why do Korean girls wear lip tints instead of lipstick?

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For most of us, we are used to putting on more lipstick than lip tint because it’s been around much longer for us and we are so used to wearing them. However, Korean girls like to put on lip tints because it produces a natural look that lets them go pass the strict dress code of Korean schools, since lipstick can be too bold at times. Also, it actually lasts longer than lipstick without having to fix them continuously throughout the day. Moreover, there is a lot more ranges of color for lip tints than lipstick when it comes to choosing lip tones. It just adds the extra fun of stopping by at a local cosmetic with their friends and testing out various lip tints.

I’ve talked with my 6th grade elementary school girls about makeup. They said that they and their friends don’t wear makeup, but they apply suncream [sunscreen] on their face everyday. Even at that age they are fully aware of how important skincare is.”

-Rebecca Choi, KBN Beauty Editor

Editor’s POV

When it comes down to makeup, believe it or not I didn’t get the opportunity to use them until I was a college student. During my youth, I never had the chance to expose myself to Korean beauty until I became much older because I lived in the States. However, now that I am currently living in Korea, it’s so much easier to have access to various makeup. I have so much fun browsing all the makeup stores and testing out the products. Therefore, I know for sure now that I personally prefer lip tints more than the lipstick. What about you?

When did you start wearing makeup? Do you prefer lip tints or lipstick? I’d love to hear your thoughts, reviews & experiences in the comments below!