Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadows

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These are the first liquid eyeshadows I have ever tried. It was quite an experience. I had some difficulties with blending them how I wanted, but I believe with practice that I could get much better. I also didn’t like all the colors, but I think that’s because they didn’t all match well with my skin tone.

I also tried two different methods of applying them. Some of the shadows even worked well alone without blending another color into it. I think I would continue to use these three colors: The No.1 Silver Grass, No. 2 Quiet Lane, and  No. 5 Sunset on Grass. I think I did a great job using them having it been my first time. I’m not a makeup artist, so by no means was it perfect, but I think it’s a product that can be easily learned to use at home for any occasion.


The Glow Liquid Shadows are for everyone! They might be better for more experience makeup users, but I once again, practice makes perfect. The colors No 1. Silver Grass, No.2 Quiet Lane, and No. 5 Sunset on Grass are the lightest of the five colors. I think they would fit well with people who have a similar skin tone to my own. The other two colors No.3 Grass Wind and No. 4 Grass Dyed Silver are darker or at least more pigmented in my opinion. They might look better on someone with either lighter skin than me or someone with a darker skin tone.

Application: 8/10

These liquid shadows dry quickly, so if you want to blend them while they’re wet I would recommend doing it as fast as you can. They are blendable while dry, but it takes more time. I used a regular blending eyeshadow brush to blend these eyeshadows to create a gradient effect. The applicator is small and easy to control, which allows you to apply the eyeshadow exactly where you want it. Lastly, this is a buildable product. You can add layers of the same color to make it darker, or you can add a different eyeshadow product altogether to give it a lighter effect or more shine.

Method 1: I used only one color and applied the shadow on my lower lid only. Then I blended the color up into the upper lid with an eyeshadow blending brush. I did one eye at a time to make sure the liquid eyeshadow didn’t dry out too fast before I blended. I would recommend letting it dry a little bit if you want more of a gradient and less intense pigmentation on your upper eyelid.

Method 2: I used two colors for this effect. I placed the darkest shadow on my lower lid and just a centimeter above my crease. Then I used the lighter color on my upper lid. However, I didn’t apply the second color all the way to my eyebrows, I blended the color up to them. I blended the colors upwards to create a two color gradient effect. It was subtle, but it still looked as if I used multiple shadows to get this look. Once again, let the liquid dry a little bit if you want less intense pigmentation on your upper eyelid.

No.1 & No.5

Innisfree - Glow Liquid Shadow
Editor Review – Rebecca Choi


Innisfree - Glow Liquid Shadow
Editor Review – Rebecca Choi

No.3 & No. 4

No.3 & No.4
Editor Review – Rebecca Choi

Removability: 10/10

First, I used Nature Republic’s Forest Garden Lip&Eye Remover Pad to remove my eyeshadow and it worked perfectly! The next time I used Nature Republic’s Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild, which also worked well. Lastly, I tried Nature Republic’s Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Tissue and that also removed all of the liquid eyeshadow. The best thing about the Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadows is that they stay on so well and they come off with any makeup remover!

Packaging: 10/10

The Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadows come in small cylindrical plastic bottles with a twist on cap so you know it’ll stay tightly closed. The plastic is durable. I dropped on the floor by accident and it didn’t break or crack. However, I still don’t recommend throwing them on the ground…you don’t want to push your luck! This product could fit easily into any purse, backpack, makeup bag, or wristlet for easy travel.

Storage Tips

This can honestly be stored anywhere. I just wouldn’t put it where it could be exposed to extreme heat or cold.



Have you used Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadows before? What other eyeshadows have you used from Innisfree? Do you prefer liquid eyeshadows or the classic packed eyeshadows? I’d love to hear your review, thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

This review is based on Rebecca Choi’s editor review. Her review is based on real usage & review with her skin type as listed.

Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Skin Color: Natural Beige
Skin Undertone: Olive undertones

Editor’s Review – Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadows
  • Pigmentation
  • Texture
  • Longevity
  • Application
  • Packaging
  • Removability
  • Coverage
The Good




Easy to remove





The Bad

Dries quickly

Takes time to blend

Practice needed