Nature Republic Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild

I tried Nature Republic Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild in two ways, which were how it should be used and a full face makeup remover.

Nature Republic Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild

  1. Since it is made to be a lip and eye remover only, its ingredients are mixed to remove waterproof and oily makeups. With that, this remover did do it’s job to remove my lipstick. However, after rising off my face with water, I still had my mascara stuck to my lashes.
  2. As a full face remover. It definitely worked well to remove my CC cream, blush, primer, and fixer. It did leave an oily feeling on my face that even lingered after rinsing off with water, which is why I would recommend using a facewash along with water to get rid of any excess remover. Nonetheless, it was still less oily than Nature Republic’s trio of oil cleansers.


I think this makeup remover would work great for all skin types. It is oily, but not overly excessive and it cleans up most cosmetics. It’s travel-friendly too since its bottle is a long and narrow cylinder. It can easily fit in a purse, backpack, or suitcase for people who are always on the go.

Application: 10/10

Just twist off the cap and dab the product as many times on a cotton pad as you need. I counted 10-15 small dabs for each cotton pad I used, which were three total. However, it all depends on what makeup you are using and how much you are wearing at the time of removal.

Packaging: 10/10

Like mentioned before, this makeup remover is great for travelling. It’s small and can fit inside any of your bags. It also has a twist off cap, which can reassure you that it won’t open while it’s bumping around in whatever container you put it in.

Storage Tips

I would recommend keeping this in a cabinet or on a shelf that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Keeping it out of the sun will help the product last longer.

Fresh Vegetable Wash-Free Cleansing Water vs. Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild

Both products work great and do their job. I would definitely pick the Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild over the other cleansing oils that Nature Republic makes. However, I truly believe that cleansing waters are better, so I choose the Fresh Vegetable Wash-Free Cleansing Water as my favorite between the two. I like that I don’t have to wash my face afterwards, I really enjoy the smell, and it removed my waterproof mascara. You can’t compete with that!


Have you used this before or any other makeup removers from Korean beauty companies??? Which team are you!? Team cleansing water or Team oil cleansers? I’d love to hear your review, thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

This review is based on Rebecca Choi’s editor review. Her review is based on real usage & review with her skin type as listed.

Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Skin Color: Natural Beige
Skin Undertone: Olive undertones

Nature Republic Forest Garden Lip & Eye Remover Mild
  • Texture
  • Longevity
  • Application
  • Packaging
  • Hydration
  • Removability
The Good

Easy to apply



Light scent


The Bad

Slightly oily

Have to wash face with face wash after usage

Doesn’t fully remove waterproof mascara

Small amount (115ml)