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Are you a big fan of jelly? When we think of jelly or anything similar of its kind, we tend to imagine something soft, elastic, and moist. I’m not sure if you have read my previous post on Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint, but this gel-based tint called Dear Darling Tint is slightly different than the watery tint I wore before. This one has a gel-watery type texture when it’s first applied on the lips, and remains moisturizing all day long almost as if having a layer of soft jelly on top of your lips!

Since Korea’s beauty trend is all about having a fresh and youthful look, finding the right lip tint is the key to looking beautiful. Imagine having lips with a defined color. The color will be stained on your lips very naturally and portray a soft and moist look. And not only that, it will brighten up the skin tone that will make you look younger and full of energy (something all women want). Plus, it’s really easy to apply because it comes in simple packaging. The jelly tint here is not like the ones you find in the U.S. These stain your lips in beautiful red, and it’s highly pigmented that gives a long-lasting wear that does not get wiped off easily unless you use a lip tint remover.

My all-time favorite color for Dear Darling Tint would be Real Red. This color is very lively and you can portray several shades of natural red. For example, if you dab a lot on the lips, it will show a strong reddish tone, but if you let it settle for a moment and rub it with your fingers, it will lean towards showing a pink color rather than deep red. So it’s all about how much lip tint you apply on the lips and how you apply it.

In a nutshell, I would totally recommend this product to people who want jelly-like lip tints for the summer. Since it doesn’t stick at all when you apply it to your lips and still provide all the moisture you want with a highly pigmented color, you can definitely pull off the young and youthful look.

Ah… and before I forget, this lip tint might smell like cherry cough syrup at first, but the scent will disappear after a few minutes and wear nicely on your lips. Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint is a must on your ‘to-buy’ k-beauty shopping list!


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This review is based on Jihee Park’s editor review. Her review is based on real usage & review with her skin type as listed.

Skin Type: Dry
Skin Color: Light (No.21)
Skin Undertone: Natural beige, warm undertone

Editor’s Review – Etude House Dear Darling Tint
  • Pigmentation
  • Texture
  • Longetivity
  • Application
  • Packaging
  • Hydration
  • Removability
  • Coverage
The Good

Very moist

Jelly-type texture

Simple packaging

The Bad

Mild stickiness

Low pigmentation

Cherry cough syrup scent

Jihee Park

Jihee Park is the Lead Beauty Editor of K-Beauty Now. Based in the heart of Seoul, her professional expertise and approach in academic, social media, and lifestyle coverage provide compelling articles the community can trust. Translated from Korean to English, bringing you the latest k-beauty news straight from South Korea.