Aritaum Fair Smile Fermentation BBOYAN Lip & Eye Remover

Do you remember those times when you come home late at night and taking off your makeup is harder than running a marathon? Sometimes removing your eye and lip makeup can be VERY energy draining. And that’s because some mascara and eyeliners are waterproof and just won’t come off instantly. So after all those years of searching for the right eye and lip makeup remover, I came across Aritaum Fair Smile Fermentation BBOYAN Lip & Eye Remover.

It might actually be one of my favorite lip and eye removers in Korea!

Aritaum - BboYaAhn Lip Eye Remover

The BBOYAN lip & eye remover claims to have fermented grain extracts (rice, beans, and barley) to gently clear all lip and eye makeup. Pretty convincing already, right? The thought of rice, beans and barley reminds me of the countryside where everything is so fresh and cozy. When I saw these three words printed on the bottle, I was pretty much all-in on purchasing the remover in an instant. And I’m glad I purchased it to have this awesome remover at home to take off my makeup.

In order to use the remover, you need to shake first in order for it to be effective. Then it will make a cloudy mixture and you will see bubbles forming inside. I’m not going to lie, this is really CRAZY effective at removing makeup. There is even a stopper with a little hole on top of the entrance, which helps to control the amount you dispense. I usually soak a cotton pad and hold that to my eyes for a few seconds (probably around 4-5 seconds) before just gently wiping it off. It’s amazing how my eyeliner slips right off and even my most stubborn waterproof mascara comes off with a bit of gentle rubbing, and all flakes are gone just like that!

I also like how it has a soft floral scent that is mild and barely noticeable. It’s a little bit like the smell of rice water, which you might know if you ever washed rice at home. I usually go through about two pieces of cotton pad for each eye when I have heavy makeup on, and sometimes I can even go with one cotton pad if I have on light makeup (just eyeshadow or mascara). My eyes neither get blurry nor irritated when I use this remover. It also doesn’t feel as oily as some other Korean makeup removers, although it still has a bit of oiliness to get rid of makeup.

Once I’m done with removing lip and eye makeup, I always follow up with water and cleansing foam to rinse off the residue. I think Korean makeup removers work really well for me, and this might be the best one I’ve used so far!


Are you interested in using this product, or have you used it already? I’d love to hear your review, thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

This review is based on Jihee Park’s editor review. Her review is based on real usage & review with her skin type as listed.

Skin Type: Dry
Skin Color: Light (No.21)
Skin Undertone: Natural beige, warm undertone

Editor’s Review – Aritaum Fair Smile Fermentation BBOYAN Lip & Eye Remover
  • Texture
  • Application
  • Packaging
  • Removability
The Good




Great value

The Bad

A little oily

Can get in your eyes if you rub too hard

Jihee Park

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