The Super Ingredient, Korean Ginseng

Right now, South Koreans are going crazy for ginseng products. From masks to toners, shampoos and emulsions, ginseng is being used. For many years, South Koreans have been using ginseng in food and tea as an immune system booster and herbal remedy. However, people have now figured out that applying ginseng directly to one’s skin can be a faster way of absorbing the great benefits that ginseng holds.

Korean Ginseng Linchi Tea

What are the benefits of using ginseng on your hair?

Panax ginseng, which is one type of ginseng, is an anti-apoptotic. This means that it can improve the regeneration ability of dermal papilla cells. Therefore, if ginseng is used as a shampoo/rinse or a topical treatment, it can encourage hair growth. Another reason why ginseng is great for your hair is that is also fights hair loss. However, to combat against this particular problem, it is best to consume ginseng as a tea. This is because people usually lose hair when their immune system is weak.

Ginseng Shampoo

What are the benefits of using ginseng in facial products?

1. Treatment of Dark Circles:

This is probably my favorite benefit of ginseng. It can help reduce puffiness of the eyes and lightens under-eye dark circles.

2. Anti-aging Benefits:

Ginseng contains large amounts of phytonutrients that can stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism. It also helps get rid of free radicals that accumulate on your skin during daily activities. It also contains collagen that makes your skin more elastic and toned to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Reduces Hyper-pigmentation:

Ginseng is also a great toner, facial freshener, and it helps reduce dark spots on your skin.

4. Improves Complexion:

Like many root vegetables, ginseng roots and leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are all highly beneficial for your skin’s health. These components metabolise skin cells and help break down dead skin cells to produce fresh glowing skin.

5. Treatment of Skin Diseases:

Skin problems like acne, eczema, and rough skin are caused by your skin cells having an unbalanced metabolism. Ginseng is great for treating these problems because it increases the blood flow in your subcutaneous tissue.

Tony Moly Red Ginseng

*A word of advice: If you want to take ginseng tablets or consume it in any way, you should check with a doctor first. There can be side effects of overusing ginseng or mixing it with other medications

Because of the instant benefits you can get from ginseng in its most purest form by eating it, drinking its extract, or using it for your skincare regime, this ingredient will always be posed as a super ingredient used in the #kbeauty shelves.

Have you used any Korean cosmetics with ginseng as the main ingredient before? I’d love to hear about your experience and thoughts in the discussion below!

Jihee Park

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