Stress Relieving Checklist for Korean Students Post Exams

Weekend Stress Relieving Checklist for Korean Students Post Exams

Students in Korea have rigorous hours of studying in school, and let me tell you… it’s crazy. On top of many hagwons (academies) they have to go to, they even have school on the weekends. Shocking, right? If you actually know how much Koreans think of education, you’d be having a heart attack right this moment (yikes!).

So do Koreans even have free time? Yes, they do. They find time on the weekends or after finishing up a huge exam to do what they enjoy most.

Here’s a list of activities that are quite common among Korean students. It may sound a bit weird coming from a non-Asian country, but something like singing karaoke literally almost every other night is absolutely normal in Korea!

Going to sing at the karaoke / 노래방 (pronounced: no-rae-bang)


Going to play pool / 당구장 (pronounced: dahng-goo-jang)


Stress eating – chicken or pizza / 먹방 (pronounced: muk-bang)

Korean Fried Chicken

Going to PC bangs to play games / PC 방 (pronounced: PC-bang)

PC Bang

Playing soccer / 축구 (pronounced: chuk-goo)


Visiting cute cafes to hang out with friends / 카페


During winter, going on ski trips / 스키장 (pronounced: ski-jang)


Riding the bicycle or roller blading at Han River / 한강 (pronounced: han-kang)

Han River

Hiking or climbing the mountain / 등산 (pronounced: deung-san)


Catching on some Korean dramas / 드라마

Korean drama

What do you do post-exams? Let me know in the comments below!