How to Cut Your Own Korean Bangs

How to cut your own bangs at home

Have you been wondering how Korean celebrities keep their hair so perfect all the time? Whenever I watch K-dramas, Korean women have front bangs, side bangs, see-through bangs and many more that just looks so amazing. I can tell that it’s always well-cut that it fits their face shape, and makes them look much slimmer and even young! Is it because of Korean hair salons who can only create this look which is dangerously scary to get from a hair salon back in America or any other countries?

Cut your own bangs

Based on research, Korean hair stylists are very talented in cutting Asian hair because they know how thin and thick the hair is, and exactly what women want in terms of current trends, k-pop idol look, etc. But you know visiting the hair salon every other week can be pretty overwhelming. We are all busy with work and other schedules that finding time to go to a hair salon is difficult. So I’m going to share a great tip here with you.

You can trim your bangs at home simple and easy. Don’t worry it’s really not that difficult. And trust me, I went to school in USA and had to trim my own bangs. I’m living in Korea and I still trim my own bangs. Let’s get started – all you need is a comb, water spray, blow dryer and a mirror!

First, spray the water on top of the hair (near your bangs), and comb it carefully until all knots are clear and smooth. This is the important part. Pull the amount of hair you want for bangs in the center just like you see in the picture below. You will be creating a triangular shape here.


If this is your first time, do not cut too short near your forehead, and closer to the middle of your nose so you can “cut as you go” to achieve the length that you want.

Next, cut the hair following the shape of your thumb and you’ll have the look you want.Then comb lightly so that there are no knots whatsoever, and you can see if the bangs are even. Finally blow dry your hair and for the last time check again for even length.

(Optional) If you want to put extra volume in your bangs, take a hair curler (like in the picture below) and wrap it around your front hair. Leave it in for about 2-3 minutes and you’ll have a nice, long-lasting curl. You can even blow dry it while the curlers are in your hair so that you can give the temporary ‘perm’ effect.

Add volume to your bangsAdd volume to your bangs

Now isn’t that super simple? I hope this short tutorial helped you out with cutting your own bangs at home! This is merely just an introduction, so stay in tune as we post more tutorials/reviews on how to trim your bangs at home.  

Jihee Park

Jihee Park is the Lead Beauty Editor of K-Beauty Now. Based in the heart of Seoul, her professional expertise and approach in academic, social media, and lifestyle coverage provide compelling articles the community can trust. Translated from Korean to English, bringing you the latest k-beauty news straight from South Korea.