Airport Fashion Tips for Staying Comfortable & Fashionable

Airport Fashion – Tips for Staying Comfortable & Fashionable For Your Plane Ride

May 5th was Children’s Day in South Korea, and the government made the following day a temporary holiday. And this gave everyone an extra day off leading to a 4 day weekend. So there were people planning their vacations way in advance with tickets and hotels all booked. Some people were even making spontaneous plans right before their long weekend. For it, airport styles became high in demand to those traveling abroad.

Choosing the right attire that’s comfortable and loose on your body is important for any plane ride. Here are some fashion tips that will let you combine a look that’s comfortable and fancy all at the same time.

Still comfortable after sitting for long periods

Since you will be sitting on the plane for a very long time, you need to avoid wearing skinny pants, jeans or anything of hard material. You should choose something that is more soft but still elegant at the same time. For that, wide pants is the right way to go. There are various colors to choose from when it comes to wide pants (i.e. red, blue, etc.), and it will let you portray a lovely, feminine and mannish look all together. Crazy right? The wide pants does a great job of standing out on its own that all we need to do now is to select a simple top that will complete the look. For example, a white t-shirt/blouse will match with your wide colorful pants, and create the most exciting airport fashion this year.  

Editor’s tips:

Try matching white, black or any other monotone colors with a simple, tidy top for a modern airport look. For example, wearing black pants with any white or light pink top will help you create a lovely appearance. And for shoes, sneakers are better than heels for completing this look. Now don’t forget, pull out your sunglasses for an extra spin to go on vacation!

Want to pull off a feminine look?

Long dresses are a common and feminine airport fashion that does not require any fancy accessories. It’s body fit style with long sleeves can make a woman look more mature, and putting over a see-through or lightweight cardigan can make you look sexy. Additionally, a flair type dress will make you look lovely and chiffon material will even make you look goddess-like.

Editor’s tips:

If you want to be a young girl at heart, look for a sleeveless dress and layer it with a t-shirt on the inside. And a dress that flares out like a baby doll can help you create that look. Finally wearing high ankle socks with flats or sneakers will add more loveliness to the look.

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Jihee Park

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