Korean Women want Lee Sung Kyung’s See-Through Bangs


Hair: to cut or not to cut?

This is probably a question that almost all women have dealt with at least once or twice, or even still trying to decide if you should cut your bangs. It’s not easy to pick and choose a style when there are so many to choose from and, most importantly, you don’t know how it will turn out without daring to try. But you know… that could actually be where all the fun is at, taking the risk and seeing how it looks on you.

Recently, there was a ‘Fresh Pop’ shampoo launching ceremony on the 28th of April, and Lee Sung Kyung, a Korean model and actress, walked into the store with a huge transformation on her hair: bangs! This unexpected change had our heartbeats beating faster than ever, but by surprise, Lee Sung Kyung’s lovely see-through bangs was a great inspiration to many women and even influenced them to make their decisions of cutting their bangs.


Lee Sung Kyung’s see-through bangs got the name ‘see-through’ from her thin, wispy bangs that expose just a bit of the forehead. The advantage to having see-through bangs is that it is very light and transparent so it barely feels like you have any bangs at all!

Korean women tend to cut their bangs to look young and cute, and grow them out when they want to have a more lovely and sophisticated look. But if you look here, it’s the opposite on Lee Sung Kyung. She looks cuter without bangs and more mature with bangs. Here are the reasons why: her see-through bangs brings out her defined features (i.e. faceline, chin, etc.) making her look mature and woman-like, and her previous hairstyle (long, brown hair & no bangs) emphasizes her egg-shaped face making her look young and vibrant.


After getting her see-through bangs, the first thing that people used to notice about her changed. Before, it was all about her big, brown eyes and rosy cheeks that made her look exotic and mysterious, but now it’s her other facial features that are grabbing people’s attention.


Now with her see-through bangs, her lips tend to draw more attention than her eyes. Since she has thick, pointy natural lips, the right color shade of lip gloss perfectly compliments her facial features. Here, she chooses a lilac-pink tone to help create a natural soft glow on the skin.

For cheek makeup, Lee Sung Kyung also wears a light blush, which is different to her normal makeup routine for events. Because her bangs are covering her forehead, soft tones are better for making the face appear brighter and much more livelier.

Hopefully these helpful tips about choosing to cut your bangs or not with Lee Sung Kyung’s dramatic change helped you to make your decision. Just make sure that you are able to identify which makeup colors matches your new hairstyle, whether that is with or without bangs. It makes a huge difference!

Source: My Daily, Reporter Kim Ji Eun

Jihee Park

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