How to Get Aegyo-Sal aka Under Eye Bags Without Surgery

What is Aegyo-sal (애교살)???

In South Korea, aegyo-sal is referring to the under eye bags, roughly translated as “cute skin” or “cute fat.” It’s when someone uses makeup or plastic surgery to enhance their features to create a 3D look to their eyes by volumizing the under eye bags to make their eyes bigger and ultimately more cuter. For more information about aegyo-sal, please check out my other article here that goes into further description of it.

What am I going to learn from this article?

Right now I’m going to explain to you how to get the aegyo-sal look with ONLY using makeup. That’s right! No doctor appointments are needed today! I’ll also be explaining how often people wear this look and my experiences with it.


There are a variety of ways to get this look using makeup, but some companies have specifically designed products to produce the best looking illusion of aegyo-sal. Here are a few different products from various companies.

Here is a product from Etude House called “Dear Girls” and is described as the “Cute Eyes Maker.” It is a double-edged shadowing and highlighting eye product. With the usage of shadows and highlighting, the user can produce the illusion of plumper brighter eyes.

Editor’s Pick #1: Etude House Dear Girls
Etude House’s Dear Girls USD $11.10


Editor’s Pick #2: Aritaum – Lovely Eyes Volumer Duo

This is another double-edged shadowing and highlighting tool from Aritaum called “Lovely Eyes Volumer Duo.” Just like the previous product, this allows the user to create the illusion of fuller brighter under eye bags with ease. However, this time the shadowing portion of the tool is much smaller, which allows more control of how much area the user wants to shadow.

You would apply this just like the previous product by:

  1. Applying the darker eyeliner or eyeshadow to create a more pronounced crease a few centimeters under the eye. Make sure the line of the shadow curves up towards the end to create more of a natural-looking shadow.
  2. Then apply a highlighter directly under the lower eyelashes and bring that down just a bit as well, but don’t go over you shadowed eyeliner. You should still have a little shadowing part left to help give your eyes a plumper look.


I don’t really want a dramatic look with a dark shadow under my eyes. Can I just mainly highlight my lower lids?

Of course!!! If you don’t want a really dramatic aegyo-sal look, I would recommend just using a highlighting shadow. Here are some examples of eyeshadow sticks that are great to use for highlighting your lower lids for aegyo-sal.

Editor’s Pick #3: Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick


“Bling Bling Eye Stick” is another great product from Etude House. It’s not as specifically made for the aegyo-sal look, but it works amazingly! This product is a thick, creamy, and shiny eyeshadow that you can roll onto the lower lids of your eyes to create a beautiful highlight. You can even use it around your whole eye!


Editor’s Pick #4: Innisfree 

This is another great multi-purpose eyeshadow stick, but it’s from Innisfree this time. It offers a variety of colors, but the lighter colors are great for creating the aegyo-sal look under the bag eyes. This eyeshadow stick is roughly $7 USD, and a great tool to glam up your look in a flash!

“I actually own two colors that are very similar to each other, the ‘no.3 ’ and ‘no.4’. I love the effect it gives to emphasize my eyes if I am in darker environments such as a restaurant or out with friends.

I wouldn’t necessarily wear this at work since Australians aren’t used to enhancing their under eye bags (maybe in Korea it would be ok as a light touch), but I would mainly use it on casual days.

It’s super easy to use, takes about 1 second total to do a light smear for both eyes. It’s quite small and compact, so it’s easy to have in my makeup pouch so I can reapply later when the eye boogers come out during the day (laughs).”

– Cee Ng, KBN Editor-in-Chief

I have so many shiny eyeshadows! Do I really have to buy a whole new product to get this look!?

NO! You definitely don’t have to buy a product like this to get the aegyo-sal look. They are made to make it easier for the user to take fewer products with them while traveling or on the go, but one can recreate this look using eyeshadows you already have at home.

  1. With a dark matte eyeshadow in a brown tone, you can use that as your shadow. Just create an illusion of a more prominent crease under your lower eyelid. Make sure the crease follows upwards towards the end to make it seem more natural.
  2. For your highlighter, you can use any of your favorite shiny light colors i.e. white, silver, gold, light blue, or pink. The shinier the better! Apply the highlighter directly under your lower eyelashes and a bit lower to help finish off your aegyo-sal magic trick.

How often should I wear this look? Do people in South Korea wear it everyday or only for special occasions?

Everyone wears it differently here. Some people have made it part of their daily makeup routine and will make their aegyo-sal look everyday. However, if they’ve had surgery or fillers done, then they don’t have to spend as much time highlighting their lower eyelids.

I’ve notice that his look is done almost everyday by many young adults (18-late 30s international age). However, NOT everyone in Korea does this look, so if it’s not for you then it’ll be no problem if you decide not to wear it. Many Koreans will also use this look for more special occasions i.e. weddings, parties, and social gatherings.

Usually I wear aegyo-sal makeup when I go to Seoul to meet my friends for dinner or coffee. I want to look nice and give myself a little extra sparkle. I do tend to wear it more on special occasion rather than everyday, but that’s just me.

Jihee Park

Jihee Park is the Lead Beauty Editor of K-Beauty Now. Based in the heart of Seoul, her professional expertise and approach in academic, social media, and lifestyle coverage provide compelling articles the community can trust. Translated from Korean to English, bringing you the latest k-beauty news straight from South Korea.