Your Favorite Food Printed on Clothes & Accessories

Bites of Pleasure

If you haven’t jumped onto knowing what’s the latest fashion trend yet, let me tell you – it’s pretty cute. Your favorite foods are now available as an non-edible items that you can wear proudly in a chic way. Here’s some popular food printed clothing or accessories in Korea that are finding their way into people’s closets!


  1.  Pineapple pattern backpack, 89,000 KRW,  Jansport Korea.
  2. Ice cream cell phone case, 88,000 KRW, Iphoria.
  3. Cereal sweatshirt, 73,000 KRW, Beyond Closet.
  4. Pizza pattern slip on, 65,000 KRW, Vans.
  5. Multi-layered bracelet, 210,000 KRW, Venessa Arizaga by Shopbop
  6. Cherry pendant key ring, 29,000 KRW, Accessorize
  7. Sliced cake skirt, 85,ooo KRW, bpb.
  8. Yellow snapback, 39,900 KRW, Eight Seconds.
  9. Sweet chocolate bar print sweatshirt, 159,000 KRW,  Oh My B.
  10. Pineapple motif ring, 29,000 KRW, Accessorize.
  11. Hamburger mini-bag, 380,000 KRW, Patricia Chang by Shopbop

    Source: Daum
    Planning: Kang Mi Sun 강미선
    Photography: Han Sang Kyun, Kim Byung Jun 한상균, 김병준
    Assistant: Kim Sol Lee 김솔이
    Copyright: 2016 April

Jihee Park

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