DIY Honey & Vaseline – Speedy Remedy for Blisters on your Lip

An Alternative Treatment for Blisters on Your Lips

Blisters or canker sores are small, shallow ulcers that appear in the mouth that makes eating and talking difficult. We sometimes see them either on the insides or the outsides of the mouth. But do you know how to reduce these pain when you get them? It’s actually quite simple. If you have honey or vaseline at home, try applying them to the wound. It will not only keep it moist and less painful but also let it heal much faster.

1. Honey Lip Therapy

Honey is one of the oldest elements for medicine we have. It is proven to have healing powers dating back to more than 5,000 years. Even Hippocrates found that honey “cleanses sores and ulcers of the lips, heals carbuncles and running sores.” Moreover, honey contains high concentrations of sugar in the form of fructose and glucose, and its sugar level makes it difficult for any bacteria or fungus to survive. As a result, people with cuts or blisters (canker sores) may heal faster if they apply honey to the wound because the immune system will not have to defend against these germs and focus solely on the virus. So don’t hesitate to use honey on your blisters (both internally and externally) because it will help reduce pain and heal faster!

Note: Keep in mind that people who are allergic to pollen should check with a doctor before applying honey on any parts of your body.

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline Jelly has been around for years, and it’s known to help moisturize, cool, and heal cuts and blisters. So people tend to use them on their dry skin to lock in moisture. Sometimes it can even prevent flaky, dry lips during the winter time. Although vaseline does not provide immediate healing solutions, it definitely helps with keeping the lips moist and prevent it from cracking or bleeding, which can ultimately make the blisters more painful.

But make sure to keep in mind that if you have a minor cut or blister around your lip (external area), you can still put a dab of vaseline using a cotton ball. It’s not just meant for cuts or scrapes on your legs or feet. Vaseline will work on the lips, too. It will help reduce pain and also keep it moist throughout the day. And hopefully, it will heal faster than leaving it dry and untouched!


Jihee Park

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