How-to do Cosmic Girls’ MV “MoMoMo” Makeup


Cosmic Girls, also known as WJSN, is a girl group composed of 12 members. They released their new debut song called ‘Mo Mo Mo’ on February 24, 2016, and their makeup from their MV has become so popular amongst Korean locals, people are trying to get the same makeup look as them.

With 12 members, Cosmic Girls are able to show off their unique style and charm through the music ‘Mo Mo Mo’ as they dance to the cute melody and rhythm in one unit. Their pink-toned makeup and bright lip colors also help to create a lovely, sophisticated, and classy look on each of the members. If you look closely, every member has a different method of applying their eyeliner to match with their eyelid shape and overall image they want to portray (cute, lovely, romantic, sexy, etc).

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To look more feminine and romantic, every member of Cosmic Girls have a soft brunette hair color in common. Their white and resilient skin has also given them the nicknamemochi skin’. These girls look great in pink-orange toned colors, and are able to bring out their own style by picking from the pink-orange color that matches their skin color the most. A makeup tip to achieve their look is by unifying both colors of the blusher and lips to create a lively and intense shade.

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Jihee Park

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