Choi Yeo Jin wants YOU to Exercise for Healthy Skin!


It’s not breaking news that exercise is great for your health. It is actually the key to having healthy skin. When you exercise, it promotes blood circulation and keeps your skin healthy and vivacious. So your blood flow will increase and carry oxygen and nutrients to all working cells throughout the body, including your body’s biggest organ, the skin! Moreover, good blood flow also removes waste from the body and frees you from any radicals.

5 benefits from exercising your way to clear skin

◆Sweat helps with waste discharge

When you exercise, sweat formed on your body opens up your pores and releases bodily waste. But it’s important to immediately cleanse your face ASAP post-exercise so that waste can be removed before pores close.

◆Increased blood flow washes away cell remains

Exercise increases blood circulation and plays a vital role in supplying oxygen to the body. That includes the heart, lungs, and all other body parts. It also helps nourish skin cells, and releases cell remains from the body.

◆Gives skin elasticity

Regular exercise strengthens your fascia, which refers to the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves in your body. Through exercise, your fascia will become strong and elastic, and show the same effect onto your skin.

◆Prevents wrinkles on the skin

Regular exercise prevents cortisol, also known as stress hormones, from elevating in your blood. If you have a high level of cortisol, you are prone to getting increased sebum, pimples, and also destroying collagen that’s in charge of making the skin elastic. However, consistent exercise will reduce these stress hormones and keep your skin healthy.

◆Relieves skin aging

When you exercise, a substance in our body known as ‘myokine’ is vitalized, and it affects how the skin is expressed. When myokine flows through our blood, it energizes other cells and slows down the rate at which our skin’s age.

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