4 Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf for Spring

Something that can make you look chic in a matter of minutes, a scarf! You didn’t know how this one piece of cloth can help you spice up your look, right? Well here you have it. You have so many options to choose from like colors, textures, designs, shape, etc. But still, there’s more to it! The most important thing is how you tie the knot. It will help you create a look that you’ve all been aiming for. Take a look at some styles below.  

An accessory can make a difference

Stylish Ways To Tie Scarf
Silk scarf, around 500,000 KRW,
Bulgari. Wool sweater, 139,000 KRW, Tomboy.

Stylish Ways To Tie Scarf

Polyester scarf 34,000 KRW, Lov Lov. Wool sweater, 420,000 KRW, Paul & Joe.

Stylish Ways To Tie Scarf

Silk scarf, 480,000 KRW, Sonia Rykiel. Wool Sweater 268,000 KRW, Lucky Chouette.

Stylish Ways To Tie Scarf

Silk Scarf, price undecided, Hermes. Polyester dress, 1,150,000 KRW, Carven.

This article is translated by K-Beauty Now and originally published from Allure Korea:

Editor 남지현 Nam Ji Hyun
Photographer 정성원 Jung Sung Won
Model 서유진 Seo Yoo Jin
Hair 윤성호 Yoon Sung Ho
Makeup 오가영 Oh Ga Young
Assistant 김현경 Kim Hyun Kyung