The Truth About Sugar in your Food Diet

Sugar is known to be the biggest factor for aging and causing various illnesses in your body. In an instant, you might consider sweetened food as the most crucial diet containing sugar, but you will be surprised to find that our normal food diet also  includes small doses of sugar.

So what do we do about all the sugar level in food? See the comparison and try not to intake so much sugar on a daily basis!

Banana1 Banana (100 kcal) = 4.5 Cube Sugar
Butter Cookies5 Buttering Cookie (200 kcal) = 8.5 Cube Sugar
Choco Ice Cream 1 Chocolate Ice Cream Bar (256 kcal) = 13 Cube Sugar
Banana Milk240ml Banana Milk (210 kcal) = 15 Cube Sugar
1 Bottle of Orange Juice (155 kcal) = 16.5 Cube Sugar

5 Ways to reduce the level of sugar in your food

  1. Limit the amount of snacks/desserts you eat

Food such as cake, doughnut, chocolate, and ice cream all have tremendous levels of sugar. It’s true that they are sweet on the tongue and you want to keep on eating and eating until you can have no more. But keep in mind that you need to limit how much you eat them, because that can return with health problems. So instead, how about replacing your food diet with boiled eggs and tofu?

  1. Meals do not always have to be staple food and side dishes

Rice, noodles and bread all contain huge bulks of sugar. That’s why Koreans who eat a lot of staple food have trouble controlling the amount of rice and noodles they eat on a normal day basis. You don’t need to think that meals should always be staple food or carbohydrates, because you can attain a smaller level of sugar by eating other foods such as meat, fish or tofu.

Orange1 Orange (90 kcal) = 10 Cube Sugar
Rice1 Bowl of rice (280 kcal) = 9.5 Cube Sugar
Bread1 Slice of bread (150 kcal) = 12 Cube Sugar
Bagel1 Bagel (280 kcal) = 12 Cube Sugar
Crackers8 Ace Cracker (170 kcal) = 5.5 Cube Sugar
  1. Look for other carbohydrate foods that can replace rice and flour

If you like bread, it is highly recommended that you eat brown or wheat bread instead. But if you really want to have rice, amino rice can be a better option, which is sifting the tofu to make it moisture-less and eating it like rice

  1. Take only reasonable amounts of fruit

Fructose, or fruit sugar, is found in almost all fruit, and you need to be careful not to overeat them. High fructose level can ultimately turn the sugar inside your body into body fat, and it can be very unhealthy for you. So although people say fruit will provide a lot of vitamins and will be good for your health, you should limit how much you take per day so that you don’t overdose yourself on fruit sugar.

Apple1 Apple (150 kcal) = 10 Cube Sugar
Hershey Choco Drink155 ml Hershey Milk Drink (155 kcal) = 16 Cube Sugar
Homemade Yogurt130 ml Homemade Yogurt (115 kcal) = 4.5 Cube Sugar
Strawberries4 Strawberries (27 kcal) = 1.5 Cube Sugar
Sweet Potatoes2 Steamed Sweet Potatoes (300 kcal) = 8 Cube Sugar
  1. Make sure to consume some meat and fish

It is important to take your proteins and maintain the right amount of sugar level in your body system. For example, consuming meat or fish will give you enough vitamins and minerals to supplement your body, and it will also help you balance out the nutrients in your system.

This article is translated by K-Beauty Now and originally published from Marie Claire Korea.

Editor  Seo Ji Hye
Photographer  Kim Myeong Sung