5 Different Hair Bandanas that will Spice Up Your Look

Fashion of the 80’s, bandanas are back!

Bandana 80s Elle Magazine

You know fashion is something that just revolves around us ever since we are first born. Remember when leg warmers, bandanas and Bermuda shorts were in style? Well, those were the most popular trending items of the 1980s. BUT now did you know that bandanas are one of the highest in-demand hair accessories out there on the streets? YES, it’s surprising I know. There is a slight difference in the new modern bandanas compared to the ones before. Now you can wear bandanas in multiple ways, designs, etc. There are even studded design bandanas to add the extra bangle on the look.

Here, Elle Magazine introduces 5 multi-functional bandanas that may help you with styling your daily outfits. The top left picture (in black) shows a bandana that can be worn around the neck or as a hairband. The one on the opposite side is designed with a gold printed stud that can help you with creating a hippy look. Donni Charm and Ruskin’s white bandana can also go well with any simple mini dress if you’re looking for a more cute and lovely appearance. And bottom most vintage red bandana is good if you going for a retro style. Lastly, here’s an important tip: when you wear an old sweater, try styling your bandana around your neck and it will make the outfit look more modern and new.

Source: Daum Fashion Beauty