5 Cosmetics that Contain Vitamin C


For years, vitamins in cosmetics have been a very popular ingredient among cosmetic consumers and marketers. The reason is because vitamins have the ability to decrease inflammation, help the immune system, fight off UV light, moisturize or brighten the skin. And even more, there are various types of vitamins that can help supplement our skin with the right substance. For example, some primary vitamins used by cosmetic formulators are vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, and K. They all have different roles for making our skin become better. Below are some cosmetic products, particularly with Vitamin C, that can potentially reverse UV damage, skin aging, treat acne and have skin lightening effects. Make sure to read through the short description for each one so that you can find the right skincare!

5 Cosmetic Products with Vitamin C for Skincare

1 Diptyque Eau De Sens Eau De Toilette Contains orange trees brought in as a whole, with refreshing scents varying from citrus to woody flavor. 50ml 135,000 KRW.

2 Eco Your Skin Ascorbic – Vitamin C serum, rich in antioxidants that renew the skin. 10×30ml 70,000 KRW.

3 Skinfood Yuja Water C Cream – Whitening ingredients and moisturizing ability gives a synergy effect. 63ml 24,000 KRW.

4 The Silk Crystal Intensive Vitamin C Ample – Mix serum with vitamin C powder before use to enhance freshness. 10ml×4 195,000 KRW.

5 Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel – Vitamin-rich gel type cream that balances all skin types. 60ml 132,000 KRW.

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Jihee Park

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