Men LOVES Cosmetics, too! Interview with CEO Gong Jun Shik of Glow Pick

9A man who battles for the right cosmetic reviews,

Gong Jun Shik – CEO of Glow Pick

What are women doing before buying their makeup product?

This is a simple question that has started the Glow Pick cosmetic review application online. Of all the various IT services provided to the larger public, Glow Pick device has been chosen for reading women’s minds regarding cosmetics, which is a unique field of interest for Glow Pick representative Gong Jun Shik. In less than 2 years after its first launch, they gained over 60,000 users, and there are at least 1,000 reviews under each Gow Pick product.

Why did you decide to quit work and start this new business?

My first job was working as a web planner at the newspaper publishing company, and I realized what people wanted in a web service. Thanks to the  establishment of a new company by a fellow senior, I traveled to Silicon Valley in America and learned many things about web services. I couldn’t resist to pursue this new interest when I returned to Korea, so I entered a small venture company and learned about business start ups from its very basics.

Why did it have to be a cosmetics related start-up?

Ever since I decided to start my own business, I looked around for niche markets and there I found cosmetics. I looked at beauty programs and various blogs popular at the time, and I received an idea for ‘beauty’ through these works. Everyone reads the label or review before buying their cosmetic products, but the information provided were not so convincing. But I also realized from studying that cosmetics are a very complex consumer good. There is nothing more than cosmetics that have a great personal difference. Movies or food are normally based on people’s different ratings, but cosmetics are different. That’s why we need to find a wider range of reviews and information.

How did you study cosmetics?

I just studied ignorantly. The three of my friends and I gathered as much information about cosmetics as possible. Then we listed on the excel sheet depending on its product quality, amount, price, ingredient, keyword, and many more, which took about 6 months to just organize the content. There were days when we have set 500 as our number target. As this continued, we had a list of 15,000 product lists, and we hired a developer to record them in our data base. We already had plans to develop a review service so we started creating the application.

Can you explain about the Glow Pick’s review service?

‘The habit of finding the best quality cosmetics’. This is the slogan of Glow Pick. Currently, there are about 38,000 reviews for all the cosmetic products that exist out there. We can’t identify the exact number of cosmetics that our country produces, but at this rate, we can call it as one of the best.  It’s not just women but everyone who reads the reviews unconsciously before purchasing their cosmetics. It doesn’t always have to be searched on the search engine, because you can ask around to see if people have used it before and imagine using it on yourself. But Glow Pick organizes all of these in one mobile application. People tend to look at one review for 30 minutes, but Glow Pick focuses on a variety of reviews. Cosmetics are a very complicated consumer goods and, therefore, needs  various information to support it. There are no meaningless pictures or clicks that distract the readers. It also enables people with similar interests to respond and stay in touch with one another. Considering that there are a variety of reviews offered, leaving behind comments are made easy as well. On a normal day basis, we have about 3,000 comments, and sometimes when we are on the peak, there are about 8,000 reviews. It’s as easy as it can be.

Your competitors must be the portal sites and its reviews.

There’s no way to beat the vast amount of comments coming up on portal sites, blogs and cafes. But there is a difference in the quality we provide. What types of reviews would you trust? This is your choice. Also, it’s undeniably true that blog reviews are less trustworthy. But most of all, blog reviews are very detailed but too long to read. Glow Pick is the best if you are looking for precise information and reducing the review time.

Do you control the reviews?

No, not at  all. It’s impossible. There is, of course, a group of assessors who do the job. One advantage of Glow Pick is that you can make criticisms.  It reads 30% positive, 30% negative, and 40% neutral. There is a section for Glow Pick’s model reviews for new products, and there are similar reviews following this pattern. This is preferably a better part of Glow Pick that uses this to their advantage and advertise their products.

What are some of the goals you have for Glow Pick in the future?

If I can use this information along with 80,000 reviews in a systematic pattern, I’d be able to identify what Korean women would be looking for in a cosmetic product. Right now I sell goods online, but in the future I hope to launch an offline store to meet my consumers’ needs. Although there might not be a large selection in the line of cosmetics, I want it to be centered on the consumers’ needs to provide the right products for their skin. Try imagining the Apple store. There are only a few products displayed on the table, but there are plenty of people who visit the store to find what they need. It is to enjoy the value of experience. Glow Pick will become one of the best offline stores to provide the right cosmetics and experience for its consumers.

Products that received high ratings from Glow Pick Review

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1604mcmabemd08 16#6 Essence – Primera Miracle Seed Essence. 150ml, 45,000 KRW.
1604mcmabemd08 14#9 Lotion – Nature Republic Snail Solution Emulsion. 120ml, 25,000 KRW.
1604mcmabemd08 17#1 Scrub/Peeling – The Saem Cell Renewal Bio Mask Peel Soft Gel. 160ml, 18,000 KRW.

This article is translated by K-Beauty Now and originally published from Marie Claire Korea:

Editor  Ahn So Young
Photographer   Kim Myung Sung, Lee Gun Ho