A guide to global brands’ cushion compacts

A global cushion-based compacts are now the new beauty trend that everyone is using as their ultimate base makeup. Even the mainstream cosmetic industries are dying to find the best cushion compact that fits their skin type to make this happen. Now here’s a guide to selecting the right cushion compact that will fit your skin type.


Lancome. Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage. 13gx2, 68,000 KRW.

Skin tone is portrayed naturally with a rosy gold appearance  

Finishes with a one-touch glide to make the skin feel light and long lasting

Differentiated net technology makes the cushion feel fresh upon every use

Colors come in natural beige, healthy beige, nude beige, and medium beige

Image3Agatha. Blanc CC Pact. 12gx2, 35,000 KRW.

Skin tone is shiny and flawless

Finishes with lightweight and prevents caking

Differentiated pearl ingredient helps moisturize and brighten the skin.

Colors come in #21 light and #23 natural

Image4YSL. Le Cushion Encre Du Pre. 14g, 75,000 KRW.

Skin tone is ultra-smooth and shine-free

Finishes with an elegant satin, velvety gloss

Differentiated tamanu oil ingredient balances out the moisture level

Colors comes in #10, 20, 30, and 40

Image5Bobbi Brown. Skin Foundation Cushion Compact. 13gx2, 68,000 KRW.

Skin tone is natural and it covers almost all the skin’s blemishes

Finishes with a light touch and glides onto the skin smoothly

Differentiated capsule type refill package keeps the ingredients long lasting

Colors come in porcelain, extra light, light, light to medium, medium, medium to dark

Image6Estee Lauder. Double Wear Cushion All Day Wear Liquid Compact. 12g, 65,000 KRW.

Skin tone is brightened, evened out, and much smoother

Finishes with a refreshing touch that absorbs sebum from the skin

Differentiated long lasting effect of 8 hours, lightweight and high level coverage

Colors come in bon, sand, cool vanilla, warm vanilla, and tony

Image7MAC. Lightful C Quick Finish Compact. 12gx2, 52,000 KRW.

Skin tone is transparent and has perfect coverage

Finishes lightly with a natural satin touch

Differentiated cushion brush creates transparent skin  

Colors come in extra light, light, light plus, medium, and medium plus

Image8Shu Uemura: Blanc Chroma UV Cushion Foundation. 13g, 43,000 KRW.

Skin tone is refined and remains bright and shiny all day long

Finishes with a unique puff with a plush pile of baby hairs for lightweight and high coverage makeup

Differentiated fiber matrix and filter film controls the fluid

Colors come in #564, 574, 584, 754, 764, and 774

Image9Biotherm:. Aquasource Moisture Plumping Cushion. 14gx2, 52,000 KRW.

Skin tone is immediately moisturized due to its fluid formula

Finishes with the skin completely moisturized (similar to actual moisturizers)

Differentiated moisturizing enhancement and cooling effect

Colors come in pale beige and natural beige

Image10L’Oreal Paris. Lucent Magique Cushion Lumiere. 14g, 42,000 KRW.

Skin tone is brightly volumized with liquid light complex infused in essence water

Finishes with a watery natural look on the skin

Differentiated cooling water base feels fresh on the skin

Colors come in nude miracle and rose miracle

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