What’s on Actress Han Ye Seul’s mind, lately?

Han Ye Seul, also known as Leslie Kim, is an American-born South Korean actress who is fluent in both languages English and Korean. Han Ye Seul first began her acting career in 2003, and starred in several dramas and films such as ‘Sitcom Nonstop 4’, ‘Birth of a Beauty’, ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’, and ‘Miss Gold Digger’ etc. Here’s a recent post on her Instagram that shows Han Ye Seul enjoying her relaxing off moments after finishing her latest drama ‘Madame Antoine’.

Here’s Han Ye Seul sharing her thoughts on Instagram

Actor Han Ye Seul, also known as Leslie Kim, seemed to have her down time after finishing her latest drama ‘Madame Antoine’. There hasn’t been many posts or updates on her SNS (social networking service) until today, on April 20, 2016, when she shared her personal thoughts on an Instagram post.

마음이 살랑살랑 ~~ 🌸🍃

Han Ye Seul _ 한예슬(@leslie_allwehaveisus)님이 게시한 사진님,

The picture and caption reads ‘my heart rustles like those of soft winds~’. Since spring is a season of change and fresh thoughts, maybe she’s trying to express her nervousness and excited state of mind. Or who knows, she might be planning for a romantic date of her own, which is perfect for this new, refreshing season with all the cherry blossoms blooming everywhere in Korea. That could be the reason for posting this heartwarming picture with this lovely caption, but we will never know what Han Ye Seul was really thinking when she posted on Instagram!

And not to even mention her goddess-like beauty that shines gloriously wherever she is present, Han Ye Seul barely wears any makeup and still pulls off this amazing look that draws great attention. Her bright skin tone, lovely face, and long brown hair are just TOO PERFECT. How does she do it? It’s a mystery unsolved. But we know that Han Ye Seul is the only one who can bring a smile before anyone, and we can’t wait to hear more things about her!

Source: Han Ye Seul’s Instagram @leslie_allwehaveisus


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