Seo Kang Joon Talks about ‘Cheese in the Trap’ and His State of Mind

Seo Kang Joon is a South Korean actor and singer who is also the leader of 5urprise, a five member band created by Fantagio in 2013. Seo starred in many dramas, variety shows, commercials, and music ever since his debut, and some of his work include the ‘Cunning Single Lady’, ‘Law of the Jungle’, and ‘Cheese in the Trap’. Now here’s a delightful talk with star Seo Kang Joon who talks about his latest dramas and his state of mind.

Seo Kang Jun Cheese In The Trap

Seo Kang Joon is a promising young actor of South Korea with amazing looks and, of course, acting. He gained a larger fan base after starring in a recent drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’, and now he aims to deliver more success stories in the future as he challenges more work. Seo Kang Joon will continue to use his own charm to express his emotions and character in the roles he plays, and he will stand as his own true color before the camera.

  1. These days, the trend leads to Seo Kang Joon.  

(Laughs) That’s kind of embarrassing. Ever since the drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ became popular, I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. But really… I’m embarrassed.

  1. Then can you tell me a recent compliment that you liked the most?

Mellow eyes? (Laughs) People told me that the look I had in my eyes sent across a lot of messages in the drama, and that made me feel really good.

  1. You really do have mellow eyes (laughs). Meanwhile, I sense a story behind them. You are the best contributor for digesting the character when you act.

Sometimes people tell me that I have a story to tell, especially my fans.

  1. 4. I wonder what it would feel like to see Seo Kang Joon every morning.

Very indifferent? (LOL) It’s just my face that you’d see.

  1. What feature do you like the most on your face?

A long time ago, it was the tail of my lips. My mother used to tell me that my lips would bring good luck (touches his lips’ tails). The science of physiognomy predicts that this type of tail can help support something in life, but I’m not really sure (laughs). I just heard a lot of people telling me that the tail of my lips are very attractive. But now it went over to my eyes. My fans really like my eyes, so I like my eyes the most nowadays.

  1. What is your secret beauty to this ‘male deity appearance’? (laughs).

(Laughs) Maybe my parents? I look like my father.

  1. Your dad must be very handsome.   

My dad is handsome. I especially resemble him in the eyes. But I’m not actually sure if I really look like him (laughs). But everyone around me, including my friends, have been saying that I look just like him.  

  1. You should be thankful of your father (laughs). Today, it’s a popular statement to say ‘you do your face well’, as it relates to Seo Kang Joon. In real life, you are referred to as a ‘face genius’ and ‘face mensa’. Have you heard of them before?

I had a quick glimpse in one of the comments I received before (laughs). To tell the truth, I get embarrassed when I hear people complimenting my appearance. That’s because there are so many handsome guys out there, and I can’t even recall their names. When I met actor Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae and Cha Seung Won, I was really surprised by how their distinctive auras and amazing visuals grabbed people’s attention in a matter of seconds. All these celebrities are so magnificently good looking that there’s not much I can do besides practice acting (laughs).

Seo Kang Jun Cheese In The Trap

  1. You recently came back from the Jungle, and before your departure, I remember you telling me that you were afraid of bugs. Were you able to overcome your phobia towards bugs?

I just came back from the jungle and I am still scared (lol). It wasn’t something that I needed to overcome (laughs). To be honest, it’s not that I’m scared of bugs, I just don’t like them. Although I got used to it while being in the jungle for such a long period of time, I still worry about bugs until I finally fall asleep (laughs).

  1. I heard that people call you ‘seok yang Joon’ (meaning sunset) instead of Seo Kang Joon because you like watching the sunset. Were you able to see many sunrises while you were there?

If you watched our first episode, you probably saw the sunset falling. It was a magnificent view. I saw plenty of them before returning home.

  1. What else was good besides the sunset?   

The ocean. I didn’t expect anything of it, but it was really great. The second part of the episode, which has not been released yet, includes the deserted island with a great ocean view. The ocean’s crystal clear water  was breathtaking. It was the same scenery and ocean that ‘Pocari Sweat’ commercials used before. My memory of the sunrise will be with me forever, even when I return back to city life

  1. ‘Law of the Jungle’ is known to be a survival reality show that is very tough.  

The hot weather was the most difficult to handle. I almost got a heatstroke. The afternoons were really hot. It was so bad that we once had to discontinue our day’s events. And I heard it was dangerous to be walking around 2pm. Luckily, we built a house together, so we rested there during the hot heat and filmed when it was possible. The heat wave was terrifying.

  1. Your skin turned really red when you came back.   

I’m still one of the few who didn’t come back with a heavy suntan (laughs). There were some people whose skin turned completely black . It was very surprising.

  1. Who did you become close with during your stay at the Jungle?

I became close to Go Se Won. We arrived at the jungle on the same day, and we had many similar thoughts and ideas to share with each other. Also, since we are both actors, we were able to relate and discuss a lot. Overall, the jungle life was very fun and it was a time where we could realize many things. For example, I was able to appreciate some of the things that I took for granted while back in Korea, because those things were nonexistent here. I also thought that if I didn’t come to the jungle now, there won’t be another opportunity like this. It was a great experience.

  1. When you filmed the movie ‘Beauty Inside’, your appearance rating was 6.5, but in the recent interview, the rating was 7. What is that 0.5 increase?

Baek In Ho? (Laughs) Through the drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ where I played the role of Baek In Ho, a character who became very popular, I received a lot of compliments. It brought many topics to discuss in the media (laughs). But honestly, there hasn’t been a single change in my appearance except for the clothes that I wore that were picked out by my stylist. Of all the clothes that Baek In Ho wore, I like the night jumper the best (laughs).

  1. Through our conversations, you seem to have a very strict personality.

Do I? (Laughs) I suppose I’m like that when I’m acting or monitoring my image. I’m actually close to a perfectionist, but I am not very detailed, which makes me want to do things in a perfect fashion. Still though, I’m not very hard on myself. I think I’m pretty fair and generous (laughs).

  1. How would you give your personal rating?  

I would rate my visual 7, strength 9, and effort, also 9. You know strength and effort plays hand in hand (laughs). And for acting, I’m going to rate 6.7 because there are so many scenes that I would like to redo. I have many regrets including Baek In Ho, because it would’ve been nice to provide a deeper feeling for the character. But I’m still satisfied by how it turned out for In Ho. I’m relieved.

Seo Kang Jun Cheese In The Trap

  1. What do you think of Baek In Ho as a person?

In Ho is an adventurer. A warm and honest adventurer. And his free soul reveals a freewheeling character especially when he is interacting with someone. Plus he is very honest and sincere that there is nothing to hide for him. I was able to feel how warm and kind he was (laughs).

  1. Baek In Ho is a pity full character in the drama, but what part makes him feel like that?

I pity him, too. When he tries to find his way back to rediscover his dream, it’s a very complicated and heartbreaking process. I can’t believe everything is so misfortunate. Even his relationship with Yoo Jung, and pursuing his dream, is difficult. I hope that Baek In Ho is able to play the piano, and find happiness in what he does.

  1. What would be an ideal lifestyle that is normal for Baek In Ho?  

Well you know he’s not the type of person to start his own business (laughs). So maybe playing the piano, making money, and living a flexible life? I think that can be Baek In Ho’s ideal lifestyle. I hope that he is able to find something that he likes doing, especially with the piano.

  1. There are many people who say that Baek In Ho is Seo Kang Joon’s ‘lifetime character’.

My acting experience is very short, and I don’t think I have enough experiences to call Baek In Ho my lifetime character. Maybe they are referring to him just from the previous works that I’ve done so far in the past However, I would rather have them look forward to my new characters in the future.

  1. What nicknames would you want to have as an actor?

(Thinks hard) An actor who is not replaceable. I want to have my own unique color that no one can replace. My goal is to stand out from all the actors and actresses, and have my own color for acting.

  1. Have you found your own color for acting?

Not yet, but there’s one that feels alright though. It kind of limits my personality, but it gives me one advantage: more experience with various roles. I am chosen to play various roles probably due to my mature appearance From now on, I am going to work harder to find the right color for my acting and become successful.

  1. You say that you played many roles in the past, but you’ve been still working very hard ever since your debut (laughs).

(Laughs) I did work hard. For the past three years, I have never taken a proper vacation. Even when I had the time to rest, I didn’t take time off for more than a week. I’m so ambitious that I don’t ever want to waste my time.

  1. Do you have an actor you’d like to work with in the future?

Yes. I’d love to have the opportunity to work with Yoo Ah In and Ha Jung Woo. I haven’t decided on which genre, but I just want to have the chance to work with them.

  1. Most of the pictures include your hands carefully folded and legs put together. You seem to have a very refined posture (laughs). Perhaps, it’s your shy personality.

Right. I’m very shy around strangers so that could be the reason why I always look calm and poised when in public. But I’m very comfortable around my 5urprise members. I am so free and loose (laughs). For example, I sit with my legs fully open and lay against the couch. It’s really comfortable. My sitting posture and other gestures are probably just some small habits I have (laughs).

  1. Is there a side of Seo Kang Joon that people are not  familiar with?   

I think I am a unique person. I hear that a lot, especially from my close acquaintances. But I am also someone who is hard to convince. Whether those are temptations, malicious comments or even good happenings, I don’t make a huge fuss out of it. I just tend to look at things positively.

  1. That means the popularity from ‘Cheese in the Trap’ might quickly die out, too.

Well, first I want to thank everyone. I appreciate everything that has happened to me, and I know that it will not last for a lifetime. I just want to consider this moment as a time to thank everyone who made such things possible.


  1. Have you heard any good things about ‘Cheese in the Trap’?

Yes, I heard a lot of good stories. Oh, people even asked if Lee Sung Kyung and I were really related to each other. So half jokingly, I told Lee Sung Kyung that we should get our blood tested (LOL). Our personalities are very similar, too. So whenever we talk, we never know where our conversations will lead to. Besides, the ‘Cheese in the Trap’ members were great. Yoo Jung, Hong Seol, In Ha and In Ho were awesome characters who worked really well together. We had many common interests with each other.

  1. What goals have you set for the future?  

I want to continue growing and be accepted as a great actor. I wish that people could see me as a professional actor and love me for who I am inside the dramas. When I see people appreciating my work, it feels very worthwhile.

  1. When do you get the most attention by the public?

Right before or after the broadcasting program in the comments section. That’s when people seem to care about me the most. I am glad to see people talking about the drama with comments even if they respond with anger, sadness, or pity. .

  1. In ‘Cheese in the Trap’, what’s the most highlighted scene?

In Ho’s past scenes were the most focused ones. It was really sad. In Ho was living a transparent life and trying to forget what has happened in the past.

  1. If you can give one advice to Baek In Ho, what would it be?   

(Laughs) In Ho, don’t be greedy and try to keep it simple. That’s the best of life. You’ve been through such a difficult journey, and you deserve everything that’s but abnormal.

  1. Aren’t you forcing too much mediocrity on Baek In Ho (laughs)?

I feel bad for him. His life was full of too many ‘down moments’. I just wish that he can play the piano and live a happy life (laughs).

  1. Please tell us one thing as yourself, Seo Kang Joon (laughs).

I am going to revisit everyone through another great piece in the near future, and I promise to become an actor who is honest and sincere in everything that I do. I’d appreciate everyone’s support.

Source: Ten Asia = Reporter Jang Jin Lee (장진리)