Hwang Jung Eum Stars Alongside Ryu Jun Yeol in ‘Lucky Romance’

Actress Hwang Jung Eum will be featured in a new drama called ‘Lucky Romance’ with actor Ryu Jun Yeol taking on the second role. In her successful drama last year, ‘She Was Pretty’, Hwang Jung Eum was able to demonstrate another huge transformation, as Ryu Jun Yeol began to grow from ‘Reply 1988’. They’re both well known for having excellent acting skills and making popular fashion trends from a single episode. We are excited to see this new drama launch next month in May.

Lucky Romance

Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol monitors their work together.

In the meantime, Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol were caught in action when C-Jes Entertainment posted a picture of them on April 18th, 2016. The two actors were diligently working together, and it was an awesome sight to see. Even more, people were shocked by the new look and style never seen before by the public!

For example, Hwang Jung Eum’s iconic hair has always been the short bob hair look, but this dramatic tomboy hair style and thick front bangs started a whole new talk for fashion. Even her latest drama in ‘She was Pretty’ did not have such dramatic changes to her appearance; she made her daily, non-fashionable clothes look good on her because of her character’s appeal as a girl-next-door. From what I recall, there were only drastic changes when it came down to her simple makeup vs bare face. I wonder what kind of look and style will be associated with this new character as she acts alongside Ryu Jun Yeol.

Lucky Romance

Sneak peek of their latest photoshoot.

In regards to drama, there’s not much revealed about the storyline except that Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol will be acting side by side as two lovers. We’ve never seen this combination before, and it’s a mystery how the story will unravel itself. Hwang Jung Eum has always managed to portray realistic acting full of emotion and energy that we just can’t wait to see her chemistry with Ryu Jun Yeol. He has been a hit star in ‘Reply 1988’, and he will definitely need to challenge himself to show that he is capable of playing other roles. Stay in tune for the final release of ‘Lucky Romance’ next month!

About the characters:

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol (born on September 25, 1986) is known for his charismatic character that makes every young girl fall in love with him. He debuted in the film ‘Socialphobia’ and gained recognition for his roles in ‘Reply 1988’, which all took place in 2015.

Hwang Jung Eum (born on January 25, 1985) made her first debut a long time ago in 2001 as a member of Sugar, a popular girl group. Then she started her acting career by debuting in the drama ‘The Person I Love’ in 2007. She had great success in all of her works ever since then, and now we know of her has a married woman who had one of the most glamorous weddings ever in Korea.