5 Skincare Products to Protect your Skin against Asian Dust

What is Asian dust?

Are you familiar with Asian dust? It’s a dust storm, also known as yellow dust or yellow sand, that comes from China during the months of spring. It carries dry soil particles and air pollutants that may affect people’s health, skin and more. So here are some ways to protect your skin against Asian dust using the right skincare.

How to maintain your healthy skin with Asian dust everywhere:

Say goodbye to your dead skin cells

Product: Dermopurifyer Scrub from Eucerin costs 15,000 KRW.

Spring is a season that makes the skin reduce its moisture level by 20% and become severely dry. On top of that, the yellow and Asian dust piles up on the skin causing dead skin cells to stay on the face instead of falling off. Director of The L Clinic, Suh Su Jin (서수진 원장) says,

“some people put on too much hydrating creams just because their face is very dry”,

but she claims that it is better to use a mild facial scrub to remove all the dead skin cells and refine the skin.


Sebum powder controls sebum and dust

Product: No Sebum Mineral Powder from Innisfree costs 6,000 KRW.

The sebum and skin oil that has been hibernating inside the pores are beginning to awake! So put aside your winter makeup, and try this light, moisturizing powder. It’s great for controlling excessive amount of skin oil, maintaining a healthy skin, and blocking all kinds of dust from the face.


Relieve upset skin from Asian dust

Product: Oligoforce Serum Apaisant from Phytomer costs 168,000 KRW.

Spring is a season where flowers are full in bloom and everything is coming to life, and sensitive skin (allergic to pollen and others) is not an exception to this change. In such cases, you need to begin treating your skin by using slightly acid products that are similar to your skin’s pH level. This ampoule type soothing essence over the entire face will relieve the skin, and produce a great effect after a face mask at the end.


Stand against Asian dust with avengers legion

Yellow dust contains harmful pollutants such as heavy metal that causes infections or discharges of wastes once it piles up on your pores. So it is important to wear face masks to cover your mouth area and use anti-pollution products to maintain a healthy skin. Some representative products are ‘Asian Dust Care Cleanser’ and ‘Dust Cut Mist’, which effectively cleanses that face and blocks strong UV light.


Deep cleansing of the pores

Product: Cleansing Enhancer Blossom Edition from Makeon costs 225,000 KRW.

“It’s a season where I need to cleanse my face more carefully than at other times. It’s not just the face that I need to cleanse, but also the hairline, neck, and ears.” – Advice from Director Park Hye Jung (박혜정) from ‘Myrthen By’

Source: InStyle Korea

Editors: Jung Hye Mi (정혜미), Yoo Ji Yeon (유지연)