Son Tae Young’s Special 10 Minute Skincare Routine

Son Tae Young is a South Korean actress and former Miss Korea who was also the country’s representative international beauty pageant in 2000. Later she was featured in popular films such as ‘Sad Movie’, ‘Crazy Waiting’, ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin, and many more. Find more about Son Tae Young’s secret beauty tips and see if you can create your own transparent skin!

Son Tae Young’s Fresh Rosewater Beauty

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A moment for treating our exhausted skin. Read more about Son Tae Young’s special 10 minute skincare routine with this ‘Rose Face Mask’ from Fresh.

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“Right before a photoshoot, I put on my rose face mask and spend some time to myself. Just 10 minutes will allow me to focus, brighten and refine my skin tone. For any photoshoot, I can complete a perfect, transparent skin tone that is very satisfying.” – Son Tae Young


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Real rose petals that moisturizes the skin

Rose Face Mask contains a special formula infused with real rose petals that literally melt into the skin. Rose petals are harvested during early dawn, and it is absorbed by the skin to create anti-aging skin filled with plenty of moisture.

Creating a perfect skin tone for makeup

This cooling gel type rose face mask helps hydrate and tone exhausted skin to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. It will make your makeup long-lasting, and keep the skin bright and moisturized all day long.

10 minutes that will make your day special

Fresh contains rare rose petal extracts with a scent that softly wraps around the skin with a cooling sensation. You can experience a similar spa treatment right at your home with just 10 minutes using this special rose face mask.

1603mcmabelgh 05Fresh Rose Face Mask 100ml, 82,000 KRW.

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