Everyone’s loving Uee’s Simple Wardrobe in ‘Marriage Contract’

South Korean actress and singer Kim Su Jin, better known by her stage name Uee, made her first debut as a member of After School, a popular girl group, in 2009. Now she returns in a new drama called Marriage Contract, after filming many dramas in the past, and you can check out her hot fashion in the episodes that are released.

Uee’s trending fashion in ‘Marriage Contract’

The current drama ‘Marriage Contract’ has impressed their viewers since the second episode, giving a high view rating for this melodrama. Viewers are seeing a different light with Uee’s acting, as she is now taking a more serious role of playing a single mom who has a 30% chance to live in the next five years, due to cancer. Uee’s fantastic choice of wardrobe to display her character Kang Hye Soo’s minimalist look, and Uee’s stunning beauty and greatly improved acting are drawing in viewers, leaving them wanting more with each episode. Here’s an introduction of Kang Hye Soo (Uee), the leading female actress in ‘Marriage Contract’, with her hot trending fashion.

Drop earring from Stonehenge

Earrings that sparkles with her every move. It makes any open shoulder dress shine gloriously with this one accessory on her ears.


Chain bracelet from Stonehenge

The thin two-layered chain bracelet on her wrist creates a feminine look great for both formal, informal occasions.


Stripe pattern sweatshirt from Bean Pole Ladies

A dull white-black sweatshirt with striped patterns all around makes the entire look more simple and modern. Plus it’s very comfortable!

Sky colored trench coat from Bean Pole Ladies

This soft, silhouette material trench coat with a white t-shirt underneath portrays a casual look. Wearing a ribbon in your hair can also complete a lovely appearance.


Black jacket from Proenza Schouler

This scene shows Uee completely transformed into a new person. When Lee Seo Jin introduces Uee to his father Kim Yong Gun, she wears a big white ribbon brooch on her black jacket that makes her look elegant and luxurious.

201603282E7C813ASweatshirt from 8seconds

This outfit best resembles her real-life style and fashion. She reveals a pleasantly simple and sophisticated look.

Source: Instyle Korea