Find the Perfect Sunscreen that matches your Skin Type

Some best sunscreens are changing the way we think about them and apply them to our face. Korean women are beginning to consider them as their daily skincare product because it helps them to block sunlight and cover blemishes. Find out what the trends are for 2016 when choosing the right sunscreen for your skin type.

2016 Sunscreen Trends  

Are you wearing sunscreen? You probably should be. The only way to protect and prevent your skin from aging is to put some on. People even use sunscreens in place of other makeup because it is essential to the skin. Discover how this new beauty trend can make your sunscreen a number one protection for your skin and give the best coverage result.

Trend 1: Anti-pollution sunscreens

Many multi-protection sunscreens exist out there, but anti-pollution sunscreens provide the best protection against air pollution, dust, and blue light from TV or lamp. These advanced sunscreens can block all fine dust, and prevent discoloration from the sun and blue light.

Trend 2: Sunscreens with the right UV filters

Best sunscreens heavily depend on the UV filters that absorb or reflect light. To better understand the UV filters, it is divided into two categories: chemical or physical. There are 30 to 40 different chemical filters with various lengths and abilities to block UV light. However, ingredients such as octocrylene can cause allergy, poison, or a harmful reaction to the sensitive skin. “Many organic sunscreens with UV filters have this ingredient, but advanced technology now requires a minimum number of UV filters that helps to protect the skin” says Avene’s Communication Manager Kim Young Mi. As a result, organic sunscreens that exclude octocrylene are becoming highly popular.

Trend 3: Sunscreen made for sensitive skin type

Sunscreen has become an essential skincare product, and a large number of people are choosing their sunblock based on the ingredients. To cope with sensitive skin, keep in mind that weak skin wall can become easily irritated. Therefore, some cosmetic brands are developing sunscreens specifically made for the sensitive skin. To name a few, ‘Avene Cleanance Sun Cream’ and ‘Innisfree the Minimum Sun Cream’, which blocks sunlight, handle breakouts and optimize skin wall.

Trend 4: Sunscreens that block all UV light

Sunscreens prevent UV light from reaching your skin, and it is important to have proper absorbing filters in the sunscreen to protect it from sunlight. But there has been a big dilemma when SPF levels were increased, the skin became too greasy or created a white residue. Nonetheless, new sunscreens are now having better filters to protect the skin from harmful UV light. Those include ‘Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer’, ‘Origins Dr. Weil Mega Defense UV Defender’, and ‘Mamonde Calendula Everyday Sunscreen’.

Trend 5: Skincare steps that are simplified

The new emerging dual functional sun cream glides on the face and provides multiple features that were not offered before. For instance, it can substitute your base makeup and cover up all the minor blemishes (including pores and discoloration), protect your skin from sunlight, refine your skin tone, and supply plenty of moisture to the skin. But not only that, you can spend less time for putting on makeup and feel safe from all dust and hazards out there for the skin.

What is the perfect sunscreen for you this year?

Find your customized sunscreen by looking at the check list below. It provides outstanding UV light coverage, great sunscreen texture and ingredient, and lightweight makeup effect.


✓Skin that becomes easily irritated (red or itchy)
✓Has breakouts during seasonal changes
✓Prefers using safe cosmetics
✓Reacts to different makeup

Hypoallergenic sunscreens for sensitive skin

If your skin is very dry, certain ingredients can cause redness. Make sure to avoid using chemical UV filters, and find mineral filters that are less irritating on the skin.


✓Skin tends to be dry
✓Prefers using moisturizing sunscreens
✓Dislikes oily and glossy skin
✓Likes good cosmetic texture

Moisturizing sunscreens

It is important to find the best sunscreen texture. Recommends products that help prevent white cast and grease on the skin, and keep it moisturized all day long.


✓Prefers using multi-functional cosmetics
✓Likes dual effect: sunblock and skin care
✓Tests cosmetics until finding the right one
✓Experiences maturing skin at a fast rate

Multi-functional sunscreens

Find sunscreens that will not only block sunlight but also handle white cast, brightening and anti-aging. It will also minimize the time in your daily skincare routine.


✓Applies lightweight makeup
✓Prefers sunscreens that have dual function: sunblock and makeup base
✓Has many blemishes and skin coloration
✓Wants to reduce morning makeup time

Sunscreens that act as makeup base

Make sure to choose the right sun care that helps hide blemishes, refine skin tone, and act as makeup base.


▼ Choose the right sunscreen for your skin type ▼


Hypoallergenic sunscreens for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should pay more attention to the types of sunscreens they use. When you are exposed to sunlight, sensitive skin can react more quickly and turn red. Not only that, a thin skin wall can take longer to recover. So it is important to choose the right sunscreen and protect it from sunlight. Most chemical-based sunscreens contain octocrylene in their ingredient, and it is important to avoid this substance if your skin is sensitive; it may cause allergic reactions. On the flip side, now more selections are provided with the addition of paraben and other ingredients, which blocks sunlight and prevents facial breakouts.

2016 K-Beauty Sunscreen

1 Avene Cleanance Sun Cream SPF 50+/PA+++ excludes the ingredient octocrylene. 50ml 26,000 KRW.

2 Innisfree the Minimum Sun Cream SPF 25/PA++ contains only 10 types of ingredients. 40ml 9,000 KRW.

3 Dr.G A-Clear Sensi-Ac Sun SPF 43/PA is made for sensitive skin type. 50ml 31,000 KRW.

4 CNP Sensitive Mild Sunblock SPF 35/PA++ helps protect and soothe sensitive skin. 50ml 38,000 KRW.

5 Bioderma Photoderm AR Tinted Cream SPF 50+ is a hypoallergenic sunscreen that helps sensitive skin. 30ml 34,000 KRW.


1 Avene Cleanance Sun Cream SPF 50+/PA+++ feels moisturizing on the skin and has a perfect balance of skin oil. The sunscreen is mild with no scent, and it is easy to use. I think it is appropriate for people with sensitive skin. – Cho Min Ah (29 years old · Sensitive Skin)

2 Innisfree the Minimum Sun Cream SPF 25/PA++ uses a mineral filter that prevents white cast from forming on my skin. That used to be a problem before. I love how this sunscreen glides on my skin smoothly and is moisturizing. – Kim In Hwa (26 years old · Sensitive Skin)

3 Dr.G A-Clear Sensi-Ac Sun SPF 43/PA++ did not cause any breakouts or irritations on my skin when I am prone to getting acne if I use moisturizing sunscreens. So I think anyone can use Dr.G without worrying about skin problems. – Ra Yena (26 years old · Sensitive Skin)

4 CNP Sensitive Mild Sunblock SPF 35/PA++ glides on my skin like lotion and is very lightweight. It has always been a struggle to find the right sunscreen because I have a lot of exfoliating dead skin that ruin my makeup, but this sunblock has made everything better. – Kwon Ha Yeon (26 years old · Sensitive Skin)

5 Bioderma Photoderm AR Tinted SPF 50+ is great for people with sensitive skin. I used to not wear any sunscreen because it felt too thick on my skin, but ever since I started using this product, my skin felt refreshed and protected at the same time. – Jang Do Yeon (26 years old · Sensitive Skin)


Moisturizing sunscreens

Some people don’t use sunscreens because it makes their skin too greasy and create a white cast on the skin. It is true, though, that past sunscreens have caused such problems. However, cosmetic brands have now released new sunscreens that contain better features. It not only feels light on the skin, it provides outstanding UV light coverage, no white cast, and moisturizing essence. Some recommended products are Aveda’s Daily Light Guard with its water splash fluid, Mamonde Calendula Everyday Sunscreen, and Re:NK’s UV Defense Essence Sun Cream.

2016 K-Beauty Sunscreen

1 Aveda Daily Light Guard™ Defense Fluid SPF 30/PA+++ 100% uses the mineral filter that safely blocks all UV light and prevents white cast from forming. 30ml 53,000 KRW.

2 Re:NK UV Defense Essence Sun Cream SPF 50+/PA+++ contains a strong sunlight coverage and feels light on the skin. 70ml 38,000 KRW.

3 Mamonde Calendula Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50+/PA+++ immediately moisturizes the skin. 50ml 13,000 KRW.

4 Shu Uemura Blanc: Chroma UV Projector SPF 50/PA+++ provides no stickiness and glides on the skin very lightly. 40ml 58,000 KRW.

2016 K-Beauty Sunscreen


Multi-functional sunscreens

If you don’t like layering your skin with makeup, you should try the multi-functioning sunscreens. These advanced sunscreens can block sunlight, strengthen skin wall, and provide perfect coverage as your base makeup. It also protects the skin from severe dust in air. Such products are developed by Chanel, Origins, Clarins, La Prairie, and Lancome.

2016 K-Beauty Sunscreen

1 Chanel UV Essential Protection Daily Defender SPF 50/PA+++ protects the skin from external irritation and stress. 30ml 70,000 KRW.

2 Origins Dr. Weil Mega Defense UV Defender (2.5㎛) blocks all fine dust. 30ml 49,000 KRW.

3 Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Face Cream protects the skin from aging. 75ml 45,000 KRW.

4 La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF 50 reduces skin irritation and suppresses melanin production. 50ml 240,000 KRW.

5 Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield CC Cover SPF 50/PA+++ blocks dust and blue light. 30ml 57,000 KRW.


Sunscreens that act as base makeup

If you want to reduce the time for putting on makeup, choose a two feature sunscreen that covers blemishes and refine the skin tone. It contains a much higher SPF level (50 PA++) that provide a similar foundation, primer and base makeup effect.

2016 K-Beauty Sunscreen

1 Cellpium Shield Sun BB SPF 50+/PA+++ naturally covers the skin tone. 50ml 35,000 KRW.

2 La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL BB SPF 50+/PA+++ 03 blocks sunlight and prevents all fine dust from the skin. 30ml 31,000 KRW.

3 Clio Kill Protection Perfect Sun Cream SPF 50+/PA+++ brightens and refines the skin tone. 50ml 14,000 KRW.

4 Hera Sun Mate Protector SPF 50/PA+++ is a sun care product that is used as base makeup. 50ml 38,000 KRW.

5 Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50/PA++ refines the skin. 30ml 76,000 KRW.

2016 K-Beauty Sunscreen

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