Best 2016 K-Beauty Facial Masks Reviewed & Explained

There are so many face masks available, but where do you start? Here are 7 face masks that are proven to provide better results. Discover your best face mask by reading about its unique and special features given by Allure Korea!

Which facial masks have you used?

Skin care masks are part of a good skin regimen. Facial masks are a global trend that soothes your skin to provide the best solution for makeup. The age of masks are continuously growing and it’s about time you act upon the right facial mask for your skin type.

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

(1) Davi Vino Moisturizing Face Mask. 100ml 58,000 KRW. (2) Davi Burgundy Tea Age Defy Mask. 100ml 60,000 KRW.

Recommended home skin care

The full vitality of the grapes deeply moisturizes the skin

There is nothing better than a facial mask to soothe ones dry and rough skin. But remember to alternate between the different masks to improve your skin condition. The optimized product for supplying moisture to the skin is ‘Davi Vino Moisturizing Face Mask’. It is a gel mask containing an abundant supply of moisture from the melted grape skin allowing strong anti-oxidation to occur from the grape seed oil extracts and grapes alembicated from NAPA, completely combining the grape with wine’s hold on life. Once you apply the mask to your skin, you will have a feeling of refreshment and moisture. This product contains pure grape seeds, grape skin and grape water that delivers instant hydration, nourishment, and improved skin tone. Moreover, the Phyto-Meritage™ blend, accepted by the ORAC test with its superior anti-oxidation ability, is also known to provide anti-aging effects upon continuous use.

Using ingredient burgundy tea helps to create healthy skin

‘Davi Burgundy Tea Age Defy Mask’ helps replenish exhausted skin with strength and elasticity. A master craftsman has handpicked each leaf to create burgundy tea extracts, which vitalizes the skin with strength and elasticity from deep inside. This is known as the wash-off mask, which creates a great lifting effect. Similar to the intact grape skin in ‘Vino Moisturizing Face Mask’, this product also contains pure burgundy tea powder. It is a highly elastic and enriching cream that is easy to glide on the skin. There are also plenty of vitamin mineral safflower extracts that adds gloss and elasticity. Last but not least, moringa seed contains anti-oxidant components that improves skin health and the immune system.

*ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, a lab test developed by the USDA, which attempts to quantify the ‘total antioxidant capacity’ (TAC) of a food by comparing its samples in a test tube.

“My face becomes red with dead skin cells starting to appear on my face when I’m in the office for too long. But the ‘Vino Moisturizing Face Mask’ immediately purifies my skin and cools down the redness as soon as I put it on. The texture and the citrus scent of the mask keeps my skin fresh all day long, and when I wash my face, all the dead skin cells are removed too.” – Jo Eun Sun (Beauty Editor at Allure)

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

(1) Supplements nutrients to damaged skin, ‘Oozoo Face Mask Nutrient’. 5 sheets in 1 box. 30,000 KRW. (2) Moisturizes skin wall and strengthens ‘mulgwang’ skin aka water shine, ‘Oozoo Face Mask Hydro Lift’. 5 sheets in 1 box. 30,000 KRW. (3) Balances moisture for ‘yungwang’ skin aka smooth and shining, ‘Oozoo Face Mask Illumination’. 5 sheets in 1 box. 30,000 KRW.

Evolution of facial masks

Beauty of Science

There is a huge breakthrough of stereotypical facial masks, which uses differentiated technology now. The ‘Oozoo Face Mask’ is one of the few that has become very popular among beauty bloggers. ‘If it’s not special, we don’t make them’ is their motto, as a brand that strongly believes in the science of beauty. It has given birth to a new generation of face masks. The syringe type ampoule mask kit (injection mask) was derived from the unopened ampoule used in skin care clinics, and this new Oozoo injection mask has been approved as a highly qualified product.

Ampoule Injection Facial Mask

‘Oozoo Face Mask’ comes with a separate syringe that injects ampoule onto the mask before its use. Keeping the syringe and the mask separate until applying it to the skin will preserve the ingredients fresh much longer. Those ingredients include beta-glucan, ceramide, and Ectoin-rich essence, which supplies great levels of moisture to the skin. Then once it is done, the face will definitely will feel more smooth, shiny and moisturized. Also, using the superfine fibres sheet great for adherence will deliver the ingredients much more effectively to the skin and eliminate harmful ingredients, having it safe for any skin type.

Directions for using Oozoo Face Mask

1  Push the button on the top of the syringe to mix part 1 and 2 together.

2 Shake and mix well before inserting the syringe needle into the cap of the mask pouch and press the plunger all the way down to inject the mixing ampoule.

3 Before opening seal, rub the pouch gently and soak the ampoule completely to the mask..

4 Take out the mask and apply it over the face with the net side facing outward, and remove the net.

5 Take it off  20~30 minutes later and let the remaining essence absorb by tapping and massaging the face.

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask. 10 pcs for 60,000 KRW.

Best ingredients yield best effects

The power of natural ingredients

Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk contains the popular ‘Gold Hydrogel Mask’, which provides extraordinary features to the skin. Each mask contains 6 year Korean red ginseng extract, 99% gold, royal jelly, and silk amino acids. Each time it gives intense nourishment and hydration to the skin with instant elasticity; it also brightens the dull skin. This gold hydrogel mask is greatly recommended for very dry and dull skin.

SNSD Taeyeon’s secret tips for shiny skin

‘Ginseng Royal Silk Hydrogel Mask’ is widely known as SNSD Taeyeon’s favorite facial mask, and it is greatly loved by all of her fans. Her secret weapon for keeping a perfect, moist and smooth skin, even through her busy schedule, is this gold face mask. Using this gold mask after massaging the face with the anti-aging ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream’ helps to create a more radiant skin. ‘Ginseng Royal Hydrogel Mask’ contains 6 years grown ginseng extract that gives healthy vitality on the skin, and 99% of gold and silk amino acid that gives skin elasticity and moisture. It also has an outstanding adherence and gold color on the skin.

“As soon as I put on the Hydrogel Mask, my skin felt moisturized immediately. One time use definitely had a great improvement for my dry, dull skin. I felt healthier by the moment. Make sure to try it when you have breakouts from a lack of sleep or have an important meeting the next day.” – Kim Ji Soo (Beauty Editor at Allure)

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

(1) L’occitane Immortelle Divine Cream Mask. 65ml 160,000 KRW. (2) L’occitane Rennes Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask. 100ml 90,000 KRW. (3) L’occitane Immortelle Cream Mask. 125ml 100,000 KRW.

Spring skin repair solution

A resilient and moisturized skin of immortal flower

‘지피지기면 백전백승’ is a Korean idiom that means ‘if you know your enemies and yourself, you can win every battle’, and this is applied to managing your skin condition. For example, if you know how to properly handle all the impurities, dust and unfavorable conditions trying to harm your skin, you can try to prevent them in advance. Try ‘L’occitane’s Immortelle Cream Mask’. The mask is composed of waxes, plant butters and oils with different melting points, which will soften the skin and boost radiance. More specifically, the immortelle oil, a powerful antioxidant, will increase the level of collagen and firm the skin, and the shea butter will soothe, repair and nourish the skin. Other antioxidants such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E will improve resilience, and immortelle oil will attempt to regenerate the anti-aging skin for about 24 hours, which are all showing outstanding results.

Rebirth of your skin under sleep

‘L’occitane’s Rennes Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask’ can help boost dull skin. The excellent ability of golden flower extracts to cleanse pollution can help recover and even out dull skin tone caused by stress and exo-attacks. Along with Rennes De Fre and white mulberry root extracts, the ivory color will transform into white as it absorbs light overtime, and vitamin C will purify and transform your skin under sleep. This is a highly certified whitening sleeping mask, and you will be surprised to find the brilliant results in the morning.

“During seasonal changes, my skin becomes very dry and dull. I have always been worrying about this and using as many moisturizing creams as possible. But that wasn’t until finding the Rennes Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask. My first impression of this mask was full of shocking feelings. The mask was not sticky at all. It padded onto the skin very nicely and thick, but it did not make anything stick, not even a piece of hair. So before I go to bed, I always  apply this on my face at the very end of my skincare routine. Then I wake up the next day to find my skin fresh and moisturizing.” – Jung Yoo Jin (Beauty Editor at Allure)

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

Max Clinic’s Mira Clinic Plaster Corset Mask. 78,000 KRW/4 masks.


Simple application plaster pack

All-time record of Plaster Mask at Home Shopping Mall

Plaster Mask provides a similar treatment you receive at the spa for skin care. The mask provides plenty of moisture and nutrients to the skin, and hardens over the face which helps to boost circulation and lymphatic function. It also tightens the jaw for a minimizing face effect and cares for the pores on your skin. ‘Max Clinic Mira Clinic Plaster Corset Mask’ is known for its simple application, tightened chin, and glowing anti-aging skin. The popularity of this recent beauty product can be seen in the rate of sales when it was completely sold out after it was first launched at Home Shopping Mall.

Effects of anti-aging skin

‘Max Clinic Mira Clinic Plaster Corset Mask’ is a two-step mask containing separate ampoules.The ampoules contain 18 bottles with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, collagen and over 24 other ingredients, which give moisture and lifting effects to the skin. One of these ingredients is the Egyptian myrrh used by Cleopatra; it is said to bring back the skin vitality and prevent wrinkles. Next, the contouring plaster face mask is put over the ‘ampoule dressed’ skin to help it absorb the ampoule. Then the mask hardens over the face and boosts circulation and lymphatic function, tightens the face and chin area, and cares for pores.

“Putting another paper thin plaster mask on top of my normal sheet mask lets a pleasant uprising heat to come up from my face and harden with the plaster. This mask enables me to have a similar spa treatment right at home without visiting the center. The second step is to apply the contouring plaster face mask, which provides great ampoule and nutrition to my skin. And of course, this improves my skin significantly the next day, becoming more elastic and moisturized.” – Lee Mi Hyun (Beauty Director at Allure)

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

Faith and Face Magic Mud Ball. 50ml 23,000 KRW.


Habits that will keep the skin clean and healthy

Healthy mud effect on the skin

It is important to fill up moisture and provide nutrients to your skin, but it is equally important to apply this mud pack on a weekly basis to maintain the healthy skin. This product is recommended for providing both cleansing and skin care effects, and the wash-off ability enables it to be deeply absorbed into the pores and cleanse the dirt and sebum.

7 in 1 Effect Mud Mask

By using this product, you can see that the magic mud naturally captures and clears away dirt and sebum accumulated inside the pore. You might have slight irritations but nothing severe to harm the skin while the ingredients of Canadian mud, French sea salt, and rosehip oil provide a strong peeling and absorbing effect on the skin. With this mud pack, you can have 7 in 1 mud pack effect: deep cleansing, pore management, blackheads clearing, skin softening, oil balancing, skin strengthening, and skin exfoliating.

“In general, when mud pack dries on the skin, it starts to rapidly pull and stifle the skin. But this new face mask does wonders on my skin. The texture itself is lightweight and spreads onto the skin with plenty of moisture. The mud pack does not dry up fast and makes my skin feel young and fresh. There are tiny particles inside but not enough to irritate the skin. And washing the face with lukewarm water clarifies the skin.” – Jung You Jin (Beauty Editor at Allure)

Best 2016 K Beauty Facial Masks

(1) Fix & Tox Derma Clear System Mask. 1 piece for 2,500 KRW. (2) Fix & Tox Double Hydra Programming Mask. 1 piece for 2,500 KRW.

Choosing the right facial mask depends on skin type

Now available, customized skin care masks

Today facial masks are customized according to each skin type. A typical product is the ‘Fix & Tox Mask’ that is highly recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgery surgeons. These masks are custom-built skin program that applies the DTS (Derma Technologic System), consisting of various features for every skin type. In particular, it focuses on moisture, dead skin cells, skin barrier, whitening, acne, pore, etc.

Focus on moisturizing and soothing the skin

‘Fix & Tox Mask’ uses a skin-friendly material that gives an outstanding appliance and adherence to the skin. Out of the 6 face masks, the ‘Double Hydra Programming Mask’ and ‘Derma Clear System Mask’ are greatly recommended for this season’s dry and sensitive skin. ‘Double Hydra Programing Mask’ has 3 types of aqua cell moisturizing system that replenishes moisture to dry, rough skin and fills the skin tightly with hydration to lock it in and prevent water loss. On the other hand, ‘Derma Clear System Mask’ has aloe vera leaf water that soothes the skin while Ginkgo biloba extract and Amino acid complex relieves stressed skin by replenishing it with moisture. Other masks include: Aqua Softening System Mask (dead skin cells), Lumiere Flexion Programming Mask (whitening), Hydra Shield Programming Mask (skin barrier), and S. Pore Unit Programming Mask (pores).

Credits: Allure Korea

Photographer: 정민우, 심규보, 이정훈, 김현우
(Jung Min Woo, Shim Kyu Bo, Lee Jung Hoon, Kim Hyun Woo)

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