South Korea Passes Law for Companies to use Alternative Non-Animal Testing Methods

These days more and more people are becoming aware of animal rights. Specifically here in South Korea, the government has passed a law that will become active in 2018 that makes all companies have to use alternative non-animal testing methods to test their cosmetic products. This is not just great for our furry friends, but it also gives us buyers of Korean cosmetics a guilt free feeling when buying and using our favorite products.

One of Korea’s animal rights groups, Korean Animal Rights Association (KARA), has created a chart that displays and ranks Korean cosmetic brands based on how their products affect animals.

Each company is ranked by the following:

-동물실험을 하지 않아요 → We don’t test products on animals
-동물성 원료를 사용하지않아요 → We don’t use animals as ingredients
-중국으로 수충하지 않아요 → We don’t export to China
[table id=3 /]

Product Testing in China

You’re probably wondering, “Why is it bad to export to China???” The reason is that by Chinese law, all products sold in (Mainland) China must be tested on animals. Therefore, even if the cosmetics aren’t tested on animals in Korea, once they go to China they are tested on animals. Even if your favorite cosmetic brand exports to China from South Korea, it doesn’t necessarily mean the company is bad. They just have to follow the protocol of import laws in China. Nonetheless, China has been making their own efforts as well to combat animal testing within their country.



This article is NOT meant to shame any company. We all have the right to choose what cosmetic products we want to use. This piece is meant to better educate and inform Korean product buyers on their cosmetic purchases, and highlight the great strides the South Korean government is taking to help out animals.