Interview with Korean Makeup Artist’s: Son Dae Sik & Park Tae Yoon

Son And Park 1 

Son Dae Sik’s jacket, top, accessories are all from his personal collection. Park Tae Yoon’s hat is from Plus Minus Zero, jaket from Push Button, and top from his personal collection.

Son And Park 2

Son & Park, Beauty water, 340ml, 25,000 KRW

Son Dae Sik & Park Tae Yoon

These two makeup artists have the ability to design and create the most perfect appearance by using their own makeup line. Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yoon has been long friends since middle school, and they worked together for many years inhaling beauty, and working with SEP (cosmetic brand) and launching their own brand called ‘Son and Park’.

‘Son and Park’ products are not only popular in Korea, but also in other countries as well. This year, I heard it’s going to be exported to Hong Kong, America, China, Southeast Asia, and Japan. The duty-free shop also opened today.

Yes, that’s right. Haha. But we haven’t had the chance to visit our store yet at the duty-free shop. The global online store was opened a few months ago to attract  American buyers, and this year we hope to expand the offline distribution network.

The quality of the products are amazing. Are they influenced by K-Beauty?

It’s true that we are interested in Korean products and makeup artists. However, we believe in balancing out the K-beauty trend with our beauty philosophy. You know it’s sometimes difficult to follow the makeup tutorial if it becomes too complex. ‘Son and Park’ has a perfect proportion in that aspect. The motto of our brand is ‘simple and perfect’. K-beauty is all about the ‘no makeup, makeup look’, which fits perfectly with our product’s brand.

What are your thoughts on K-Beauty?

It is a fresh, new, and playful trend! Having a flawless and dewy skin is a whole new skin care formula to many foreigners. Our continuous curiosity led to the production of glossy skin care products, which has gained popularity all over the world.

There are about 4-5 new products added to your collection each month. Can you briefly describe the process of creating these new makeup products?

We try to classify our products based on its features and capability. It is undeniably difficult to plan and create a product that is multi-functional. Not to even mention the application methods and the effectiveness of the product. People need to be able to use our products without feeling overwhelmed.

In particular, how do you create such diverse colors for your products?

Being in this industry for 15 years, we know how to work around the beauty trend, but also incorporate our ideas. We just need to balance that out by 50-50. As for colors, we try to apply some of our real life examples such as eating our mom’s mulberry jam sandwich and thinking about applying this glossy color on the lips. We apply makeup on our faces too, so we tend to think about the products on a daily basis.

What makeup products do you tend to use often?

If I were to choose one, it would be the ‘beauty water’. It is the most sensational item. When models arrive at the studio for their photoshoots, their skin conditions may vary. Sometimes they could already have a makeover, suncream or just sebum on their faces. Such cases require a removal of the makeup first. But remember, you don’t have to use aggressive cleansers to wipe it off all the time. Beauty water is not a toner, not a cleanser, nor a mist, but it is a hybrid product that cleanses your face with all of these functions all in one. You will be able to produce a good skin condition if you cleanse your face this beauty water.

As owners of the top cosmetic brand ‘Son and Park’, what is the driving force that moves you forward?

Haha. That’s a hard question. There is nothing special. If you have something that you enjoy doing, you can do it for fun all the time. You just learn to have fun!

Is there a new K-Beauty trend that you want to create?

We don’t want to force any new K-beauty trend that’s not applicable. Korean women prefer moisturized skin and point-lip-makeup, which many women all over the world think the same way. The only way to keep up with the makeup trend would be to  devotedly work alongside with the existing rules and trying to make it improve.

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February 2016, First Series (70 in total)
EDITOR: 이민지 Lee Min Ji
PHOTO: 김영훈 Kim Young Hoon
HAIR: 안미연(손대식, 박태윤) Ahn Mi Yeon(Son Dae Sik, Park Tae Yoon)
STYLIST: 이승희 Lee Seung Hee