Interview with Korean Makeup Artist & Trendsetter: Go Won Hye

Go Won Hye 1Dress from Yohanix. Shoes from Mono Bobby. Rings from Black Muse.

Go Won Hye 2Lagom Cellous Mist Toner. 170ml, 23,000 KRW.

Go Won Hye

Go Won Hye is a first generation freelance makeup artist who is highly experienced. She also founded the popular skincare trend such as mulgwang, yungwang, and kkulgwang.

You recently created a new brand with 12 other dermatologists, right?

Yes, the brand is called ‘Lagom’. This product was a late bloomer considering that I’ve been in the beauty industry for 27 years. I wanted to create an effective skin care product.

What is the theme of your brand?

‘Not Too Little, Not Too Much’. It means to have easy access and use without any repulsion. Even during the basic steps of skin care, our products are very detailed and perfect for the skin, but I still spent a lot of time trying to come up with something very natural and good looking on the skin. This was a great necessity to have on my skin, which influenced me to develop this new skincare line.  

Is there a reason why you created the basic skin care products first?

There is only one reason. It enables the hue to stand out even more on clarified skin using the right basic skin care.

What is your personal thought on K-Beauty?

K-Beauty has spread not only to the Americas, but also to Europe as well. To be exact, the world is attracted to ‘Korean celebrities’ secret makeup tips’. This beauty wave is similar to the time when Korea was fanatical to the Japanese makeup and Hollywood makeup in the past.

I think ‘skincare’ is the most centralized category in K-Beauty.  

K-Beauty has a unique characteristic, but it represents beautiful skin that looks good on everyone. In real life, international bloggers visit the stores and are greatly interested in basic skincare lines and base makeup products.

Despite the K-Beauty trends, what would be your own secret tip?

I have been working in the makeup industry for 27 years, but I was never really influenced by the popular trends that everyone has been talking about. My philosophy has always been 30% trend and 70% personal makeup know-how tips.

Can you describe what you mean by that 70% personal makeup tip?

It’s all about finding and choosing the right makeup product for each individual. One time, I didn’t use any powder products on the skin because skin types all vary. Sometimes you just have to experiment with the foreign contouring makeup and find what fits your skin perfectly.

Does that philosophy apply to all the products you create?

Finding your true beauty and following the trend are two very different things. The process differs in skin care. Soon, we are planning to launch a facial wash dedicated just for early mornings, and that is the reason for adding more features to the existing foam cleansers. For a sneak peak, our gel type foam cleanser transforms the skin as soon as it touches the skin.

What is your goal for this year?

I want to inform people about strengthening their basic skin care by using the right facial product. Afterwards, we are going to plan and present the new color cosmetics. Besides Lagom, I want to spread the culture of K-beauty and more brands to the world.

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February 2016, First Series (70 in total)
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