Interview with Korean Celebrity Makeup Artist’s: Jung Saem Mool

Jung Saem Mool 1

Top from Mine, ring from Swarovski and bangles from H&M.

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Jung Saem Mool Essential Starkiller Foundation 42,000 KRW.

Jung Saem Mool

A makeup artist who unfolds the inspiration of people by drawing on their faces. She is the head makeup artist in charge of Kim Tae Hee, Lee Mi Yeon and other popular Korean actresses. Recently after becoming Tang Wei’s exclusive makeup artist, she is strengthening her position in the global stage.

I’m more familiar with ‘fresh spring water’ ‘refreshing spring water’. You seem to be busier than before these days.

Actually, since the new brand launch last year, I was really busy. On top of that, I was Asia’s exclusive makeup artist for Clinique, make-up artist dedicated to the Chinese actress Tang Wei, and many international works in Paris, Hong Kong, and China. I was busy but had a lot of fun at the same time.

Is it due to K-Beauty’s influence?

Actually, I didn’t know how popular K-Beauty will become. Our recent event in Paris for presenting the new trends of K-Beauty aimed at European reporters and bloggers ended successfully. I’ve been doing makeup for 25 years, but I’m the most happiest these days.

What are your thoughts on K-Beauty?

It is a trend that no other countries can imitate or easily follow. Korea has a great systematic structure for hair, makeup, skincare and nail that you can’t find anywhere in other countries. This means that the outcomes are that much stronger. And I think that result has produced what K-Beauty has become today.

You are already famous as a popular makeup artist in China. We can’t leave out your meeting with Tang Wei, right?

It is true that Tang Wei helped me to become more popular in China, but I have been working on my Youtube Channel for over 10 years already. I started making video clips during my study years abroad when it became difficult to respond to questions regarding makeup. That helped me build awareness internationally through Youtube.

Is it okay to tell us all of your secrets like that?

I don’t worry about that at all. I always want to be refreshed. I tend to think that what has been done yesterday is already old. Surprisingly, the more I learn through experience and sharing ideas, I get as much more new ideas.

When you launched ‘Jung Saem Mool’, have you considered K-Beauty too?

No. I just tried to put in my own color, focusing on creating something that was more ‘Jung Saem Mool’.

What was the most important thing for producing your products?

Everyone has their own indigenous color, line, and texture, but it’s all about finding that in themselves. Another thing you can’t leave out is find art. I tried to have makeup that looks the prettiest as if drawing an artwork.

Is that why you made the Star-Cealer Foundation?

It’s a product that best portrays the element of fine art. There are places that you need to apply the foundation thick, whereas other parts should be put on very lightly. That way you can create a solid 3-dimensional face makeup using one foundation. This is my secret makeup tip that I have been building for 25 years.

If you have a new K-Beauty trend that you want to make for 2016, what would it be?  

The foundation that Kim Tae Hee put on and the lipstick that Tang Wei applied does not look good on me. Look at my pupils. Isn’t it very brown? That’s why a red lipstick looks good on my face. I found my own color. I just started telling these kinds of stories to people, so I’m going to try to let more people know.

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February 2016, First Series (70 in total)
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