Interview with Korean Celebrity Makeup Artist: Kim Hwal Ran

Kim Hwal Ran 1

Top from Beyond Closet. Ear cuffs cliffs from Black Muse. Pants and shoes are all from Stylist’s collection.

Kim Hwal Ran 2

Kim Hwal Ran Musee Neuf 3D Palette 58,000 KRW; 3D Pact 45,000 KRW.

Kim Hwal Ran

A woman who is able to show the most natural and alluring facial expressions. Not only was Kim Hwal Ran in charge of the makeup for Shin Se Kyung, Kim Hyo Jin, and Ha Ji Won, she also worked with Kim Hee Sun, Kang Hye Jung and Jung Hye Young.

Please introduce us about your recently launched product, 3D Transformation Kit.

It’s a product that comes from the innovative thinking of ‘bringing back the face contour and applying the base respectively’. This product also adds light onto areas that need more brightening and shade defined features.

What do you concentrate on the most for product development?

Color and shape. The pink color base has the ability to refine the yellow skin of Asians. A special chestnut shaped moisturizer has also been developed to maintain the soft skin and gloss, which is the new trend for this season, ‘reviving a natural skin tone and makeup’.

What do you think of K-Beauty?

I think it means to express beauty in a natural way. It all started from Koreans who are unique, creative, and confident about their detailed and sensual makeup skills.

What is the reason for everyone being so obsessed with K-Beauty lately?

At this point where K-beauty is becoming more diverse by the day, Korean women has produced creative results from their detailed aesthetic preferences and various beauty tips. And trying to produce endless products that meet all of these criterias, the number of K-Beauty followers are increasing.

Nonetheless, what is your unchanging makeup philosophy?

Of course, the trend. That is the most important thing. I find the beauty tips existing out there to be extremely helpful. It enables me, and of course many others, to discover the right makeup to bring out their defined features of their face. Therefore, I try to emphasize people’s strong facial features and hide their flaws to produce a perfect makeup and appearance.

As a result of the wedding makeup, there has been more effort in the facial expression. Likewise, the recently released products as well.

Like I said earlier, the steps for makeup base is important for finding one’s true beauty. No matter how great the color pigments and techniques are on the face, if the facial expressions are not rightly done, the makeup cannot shine.

What new K-Beauty trend would you like to create?

The contour makeup is like the basic outline for all makeup. It’s not an exaggerated contour stage makeup, but an easy-to-follow makeup that naturally holds the contour structures of the face, which is continuously upgraded. Instead of following the trend, I want to create K-Beauty that seeks natural beauty.

What is your goal for 2016?

To expand K-Beauty to the market of kids. Ambitiously!

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February 2016, First Series (70 in total)
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