Star Interview with Chinese Actress Liu Yifei

Actress, singer and model. Liu Yifei began modeling as a young girl, and made her first debut in a Chinese television series called ‘The Story of a Noble Family’ in 2003. She is a multi-talented star who continuously shares her growth in many productions globally. Check out her exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Korea to find out about her career, personal stories and many more!

Chinese Star Celebrity, Liu Yifei

Actress Liu Yifei is a multi-talented individual who is full of vibrant energy. She portrays a soft and elegant appearance and represents China, Hollywood and many more. Come meet Liu Yifei in the middle of a bustling city, Beijing, taking her beautiful photoshoot with Cosmopolitan Korea.

Liu Yifei Cosmo Korea April 2016Strange compelling attraction of a young lady.
Sleeveless top from Fendi, price undecided.

Weren’t you recently invited to the Paris Fashion Week 2016? Are you a frequent traveler?

Instead of traveling, I tend to think about a variety of things while filming or working abroad. When I play a different role, my perspectives and ideas change each time. There was a time when I filmed with Bin in Paris and America, and every time my emotions became rich and abundant. My emotions play a huge role in deciding vacation spots and traveling in general.


Liu Yifei Cosmo Korea April 2016 2

Bright patterned dress unites as one picturesque frame.
Dress from Bottega Veneta, price undecided. Ankle boots from Celine, price undecided.

Didn’t you visit Korea once to promote your film? What is your impression on Seoul?

I remember everyone being very nice. My fans greeted me at the airport, knowing that I’d visit. Nothing was unfamiliar, but rather friendly and comfortable. I really like the sausage stew (budae Jjigae) out of all the Korean food.

I heard you got casted in a Chinese television series after enrolling in the Beijing Film Academy. How did you feel back then?

I was 15 years old at the time. Now 28. It has been 13 years since making my first debut, and there has been many changes in my acting and mental attitude. Like most female actresses, I am always aspiring to succeed and become a popular star, and my positive energy never dies out. And it wasn’t until entering my twenties that I began to identify my real dream as an actress. I realized that acting is not all about receiving people’s applause or cheer. It is about delivering the right character to the audience and feeling satisfied in who you become on stage. Therefore, I try to focus more on the abstract qualities of acting, and I hope to become a better actress throughout time.

Liu Yifei Cosmo Korea April 2016 3

Increasing self-confidence in her tailored silhouette suit.
Suit from J Baek Couture, 2,300,000 KRW. Shoes from Manolo Blahnik, 2,490,000 KRW.

There has been many releases of Kim Yong’s works (a well known Chinese martial arts writer who is also popular in Korea) based on his written novel. Inside his martial arts production, your character seems to unfold mysteriously. How do you feel about this character?

All of the characters featuring in Kim Yong’s film are very attractive. But I think those characters are more attractive in his novel. If I were to play the same character again, it will be very different this time. I was only 15 or 17 at the time, and too young to play out the role to my best ability. I actually like the characters I played very recently more than the ones I played before. These days, I don’t limit myself to just script reading. Of course there are times when I’m not ready to recite my lines, but I just do it to test out my character flexibly. I can’t really say that I like one particular role the best, but I really like acting for strong characters, although it is still very difficult.  

Liu Yifei Cosmo Korea April 2016 4

Beijing panoramas lies behind her unique long dress.
Dress from Fendi, 4,840,000 KRW. Ankle boots from Celine, price undecided.

Your appearance is very natural and elegant, but you also have a strong facial expression. What part of your body do you like the most?

Honestly, I think there are many celebrities out there who are prettier than me. As an actress, it’s not only about looking good on camera, but being able to deliver the right emotions for the characters you play. This makes you more attractive on the screen. That’s why I focus more on acting rather than my appearance. Sometimes, I don’t even bother taking out the mirror to fix my makeup before filming.

Liu Yifei Cosmo Korea April 2016

Dancing moments of her childhood in the silk dress and shoes.
Dress and belt from Hermes, price undecided. Lace up shoes from Stuart Whitman, 640,000 KRW.

How would you describe your personality?

I think there are various sides to my personality. However, to simply summarize into one, I am a flexible person. I’m not bound by rules. I enjoy talking to people while standing, and even comfortably sitting down on the ground. I seek comfort wherever and whenever. I have a pretty lenient personality, but sometimes can be aggressive as well. But this is only seen when I am acting on stage.

What kind of style do you prefer for a regular day attire?

I wear clothes that are simple. I enjoy wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes blouses, too. I try to minimize the time for getting ready to go out.

Liu Yifei Cosmo Korea April 2016 6

Wearing a loose jumpsuit, she looks down the window of Beijing.
Jumpsuit from Obzee, 745,000 KRW. Strapped shoes from Jimmy Choo, price undecided.

What are your plans for 2016?

I am currently working on a new film, and there will be three launching this year. One of them is called ‘Permanent Bihodae’ (영구비호대) produced by Bill August, a European film director who received the Oscar Award and Palme d’Or.

He often tells me ‘just think simple’, and I think that is applied to everything. When you have negative thoughts lingering inside your head, it’s better to throw them out. That actually means you are allowing more possibilities by eliminating the bad ones. Such mindset will bring better things to me this year.

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

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