The Largest ID Hospital for Plastic Surgery Opens in Seoul

K-Beauty boom is taken to another level with its largest ID Hospital for plastic surgery located in Garosu-gil, providing the best and most high-tech cosmetic services to people. Read more about the latest news on cosmetic surgeries and ID Hospital.

Asia’s Largest Medical Hub



In the middle of Garosu-gil, an area in Seoul popular among many tourists, a high rise building stands as one of the largest ID Hospitals in Korea (also known as Asian Beauty Center). There is a large number of world-famous doctors who perform various services and operations to international patients.


ID Hospital (ABC) is a high-tech plastic surgery clinic with 16 floors, which provide the best surgical procedures and customer care to international patients. It is the first hospital to perform orthognathic surgery and specialize in maxillofacial surgery, a procedure that was only offered by university hospitals in the past. As it aims to become Asia’s number one cosmetic center, the hospital provides many services for plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, functional cosmetic, and beauty treatment. Intricate procedures such as 3D-CT, V-CEPH, growth plate, bone density and over 50 types of ‘relief plastic surgery examinations’ are given as well.

In the past 3 years, the ID Hospital has marked over 6,000 patients from foreign countries, and over 50 countries have traveled to Korea just to visit this clinic. Interesting enough, Western countries besides Asia are seeking the ID Hospital solely for the purpose of getting a plastic surgery. As a result, a safe and high-tech intelligent building was required to meet the hospital’s philosophy on safety, and this led to the establishment of the ID cosmetics center to make patient safety their #1 priority.

ID Hospital 2016 Trend


Dr. Park Sanghoon of ID Hospital provided a one day lecture about the 2016 beauty trend in South Korea. He compared the past and current standards for beauty in his lecture and induced a highly interesting topic. For example, he stated that traditional beauty preferences of having a high nose, big eyes and slim face are no longer the focal point. It merges away from the current trend, which prefers improving people’s weak points and highlighting their strong points. Furthermore, Dr. Park Sanghoon says that the natural looks outweighs the artificial looks. Even patients are wishing for a lovely, cute and baby-face similar to the popular K-pop stars they see on TV. To name a few, Apink Son Na Eun, Red Velvet Irene, and Twice Tsuyu. Their egg-shaped faces and short philtrums are attracting many women, and they demand those features to look young and beautiful themselves. For that reason, ID Hospital suggests a reduced philtrum in most of their procedures, and patients are very pleased with these outcomes.

Additionally, keeping a good balance of the body is equally important to having an attractive face. Therefore, people admire Seolhyun from AOA with her glamorous body, and wishes to be like her. More people are coming to the hospital to seek operations other than the face such as bodyline, breast, hip and fat removal.

ID Hospital is now recognized as the world’s best clinic for performing facial contour surgery, orthognathic surgery, and face bone surgery. However, it seeks to create a more high-end technology medical system that fits with the enhancing global trend ahead of its time. Instead of forcing a new feature on the face without proper consultation, the hospital believes in identifying the right procedure for each patient. The hospital aims to grow as a global beauty center by providing the best services in beauty and cosmetics to all patients without any problem.

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