Hanbok Designs Inspired by the movie ‘Haeohwa’ featuring Han Hyo Joo

Korean female entertainers in the past were called ‘gisaeng’. These women were not only entertainers but also fashion leaders of the time. Often called ‘haeohwa’ meaning a flower that understands words, the gisaengs were not only intelligent and educated, but also incredibly fashionable. Check out the hanbok photoshoot designed by Tchai Kim Young Jin with Marie Claire Korea.

Haeohwa (해어화)

‘Haeohwa’ means a flower that understands words. Chosen as the reigning beauty of the day, Haeohwa sings the beauty of women in a harmonious spring tone.

Haeohwa (해어화) Tchai Kim 1

Inspired by the movie ‘Haeohwa’, all the hanbok is designed by Tchai Kim Young Jin.

Haeohwa (해어화) Tchai Kim 2

The model has dark eyelashes, thin eyeliner, and light purple eyeshadow over the eyelids. A pink blusher is applied in a round motion over the middle cheeks to express a bright and glowy appearance. The focal point of this look is to highlight the lips with a sparkling purple hue.

Haeohwa (해어화) Tchai Kim 3

To assist on highlighting the lips as the main focus of this look, a peach-orange blush is applied on the apples of her cheeks to express the spirit of a young girl who loves bright tones.

Haeohwa (해어화) Tchai Kim 4

A bright red glossy lip color completes this seductive look when wearing her lacy see-through hanbok top in black. The model’s monolids are emphasized with black eyeliner and thick eyelashes. Overall, a peach pressed powder is applied as the last step to create a brightening skin effect.

Haeohwa (해어화) Tchai Kim 5

Modern hanboks are all from Tchai Kim.

A short curly, bob creates a sophisticated look for the model. To bring out her healthy complexion, the makeup artist uses the ‘bare face’ makeup look technique in order to complement the skin. Grey eyeshadow is spread lightly over the eyelids with a thick eyeliner and a light pink in a shade of nude on the lips finalizes her makeup as it resembles a dry cherry blossom.

Haeohwa (해어화) Tchai Kim 6

Modern hanboks are all from Tchai Kim.

The curly side bangs and her hair tied lowly in the back gives the traditional image of a gisaeng woman to have a composed, calm aura. The eyebrows are shaped softly with a thin, extended eyeliner for an elegant and sophisticated look. While her lips in deep red resemble the deep color of berries such as schisandra chinensis, found in northern and northeastern China.

Check out the teaser with Actress Han Hyo Joo leading in upcoming movie “Haeohwa (해어화)”.

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Source: Marie Claire Korea

  • Editor: 안 소영 Ahn So Young
  • Photography: 주 용균 Joo Yong Gyun
  • Hair: 안 미연 Ahn Mi Yeon
  • Makeup: 고 원혜 Go Won Hye
  • Styling: 정 은정(라마라마 플라워) Jung Eun Jun
  • Reference: April 2016