Actress Lee Yo Won (known as Queen Seondeok) Never Seems to Age

Actress Lee Yo Won made her first debut in a film called ‘Scent of a Man’ in 1998. However, she is mostly known for playing the role of Queen Seondeok in a historical drama ‘The Great Queen Seondeok’ in 2009. She has always been playing the roles of women who were fragile and weak, but with the start of Queen Seondeok, she takes on strong characters and returns in her new drama called ‘Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi’ as a high-tempered career woman.

Preservative Beauty, Lee Yo Won

A woman who is delicate like a bunch of Hanoi flowers, and possesses a strong scent alluring everyone around her. Actress Lee Yo Won returns in a new drama called ‘Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi’, and she shares her floral photoshoot with Instyle Korea.

01 Ms Temper And Nam Jung Gi Lee Yo Won

One Saturday night, Lee Yo Won steps into the studio after ending her sweet vacation. There is something, a peculiar charisma, that makes one second think before approaching her. Maybe it’s her ‘preservative beauty’ that makes people feel confused. However, as she is does her hair and makeup in the dressing room, there are continuous laughs and stories bursting out of the room as if something is really happening in there. Soon, Lee Yo Won stands in front of the camera and gets ready for her photoshoot. Her true characteristics are immediately shown through the lens: an honest person who does not force or pretend anything; everything is natural.

The new drama ‘Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi’ features Lee Yo Won who  plays the character of Ok Da-Jung, the youngest team leader in the cosmetics industry. Unlike her real personality, her role is to be a character who is strong and high-tempered. People say that this new drama deeply relates to the current office workers in South Korea, and it will help them sympathize and release their stress levels by watching Lee Yo Won work in the industry without holding back her emotions.

Lee Yo Won says, ‘Instead of trying to increase the ratings for this drama, I’d rather focus on having as many salary men to watch the show so that they can sympathize and receive feelings of comfort. I also hope that I can improve my acting skills by trying out this new role. Many people assume that I am very graceful with a feminine personality, because most of the roles I played in previous dramas were like that. However, in real life I am very honest, easy-going, and straightforward. ‘Ok Da-Jung’s’ character is actually closer to my real personality. My acting in this drama is going very well, especially because I have a great acting partner, Yoon Sang Hyun. In real life, he is very humorous and loves to joke around, unlike his timid and soft personality in the drama. He is great. If there are any other opportunities in the future, I would also love to work with actor Hwang Jung Min again. I was sad when we filmed the movie ‘Fists of Legend’ and I didn’t get to show all of my best acting skills because I was so tense and nervous. He is someone I can learn many things from as an actress, and I strongly believe that he can be a great acting partner.’

02 Ms Temper And Nam Jung Gi Lee Yo Won

Gentle flower printed vest and skirt from Etro.

03 Ms Temper And Nam Jung Gi Lee Yo Won

Detailed waist band dress from Etro, and flower motive bold earrings from Jennifer Behr by The Queen Lounge.

04 Ms Temper And Nam Jung Gi Lee Yo Won

Applique flower decoration dress from Giambattista Valli, and red strapped shoes from Stuart Whitman.

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