Fashionista Gong Hyo-Jin rocks the cover for Elle Korea April 2016 Issue

Gong Hyo-Jin is a South Korean actress who started her career in the industry since 1999. She is both a model and actress, and many of her works share some of the best trending items as a fashionista of her generation. Check out her exclusive interview and photoshoot with Elle Korea!

Gong Hyo-Jin’s Cool Charisma

“Through the photoshoot, I want to share both of my appearances as a my model and actress” – Gong Hyo-Jin

Gong Hyo Jin April 2016 Elle Korea 1

Fashion media ‘Elle Korea’ shares Actress Gong Hyo-Jin’s cool charisma on their April magazine cover.

The vintage background of Gong Hyo-Jin’s photoshoot completes a captivating cover page that reveals her soft, arcane eyes and charming personality. She is probably the only person who wears Gucci’s trending collection in her own unique style and charisma.

Gong Hyo-Jin in her made-public cover photo is vibrantly colored and different. It’s something that is unfamiliar to us. Never again she fails to introduce her ultimate fashionista looks with everyone. Gong Hyo-Jin puts on a ‘retro style brocade suit’, ‘frill blouse’ and ‘chunky loafers’ to portray a perfect mannish vintage suit style. You can still find her showing off her womanly beauty and elegance in her beautifully colored green dress in the other photo.

Gong Hyo Jin April 2016 Elle Korea 2
In this interview and photoshoot, Gong Hyo-Jin reveals both her model and actress appearance.

“I’d rather take one solid picture and capture distinct styles of my beauty rather than taking many similar pictures.” – Gong Hyo-Jin

That is why each of her style is so unique and foreign. But it is also something that anyone can easily accept and wear. Gong Hyo-Jin always finds her route to new trending items, and she feels great about seeing them on others.

Now she looks forward to the second opening of a new movie called ‘Missing: Disappeared Child’ (미씽: 사라진 아이) and another movie shooting ahead called ‘Single Rider’


Source: Elle Korea

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