Actress Jung So Min’s Spring Makeup Trends with Marie Claire Korea April 2016 Issue

Actress Jung So Min is known for her cute, elegant, and lovely appearance. But how does she manage to pull off all three in one? Jung So Min transforms her image as if flipping a coin and makes successful appearances in all her movies and dramas. Check out her new lovely spring makeup trend with Marie Claire Korea and see what color lips she’s wearing!

Pink Fever

Get the romantic pink lip that every girl wants to achieve for this Spring. Actress Jung So Min and Make Up For Ever collaborates on 6 lip trends for you to try out!

1 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Dress from Bimba y Lola, bangle from Jealousy.

Pink Acryl Lip

Among makeup artists, ‘Pro Finish #110’ is a godsend for creating a clean and smooth canvas, and ‘3-in-1 Brow Kit-In Pro Sculpting Brow #20’ does a great job of matching the eyelash with its original color.

Spread and apply the ‘Artist Acryl Lip #922’ according to the shape of your lips. This will portray a perfect blend of pink lips with a strong color and shine as if painted by an acryl water paint. A special characteristic of ‘Artist Acryl Lip’ is the liquid texture that is evenly spread over the lips with perfect glide and no stickiness.

2 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Artist Acryl Lip #922 electric pink, 7ml, 34,000 KRW (limited edition).

3 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Pullover knit from Ma So Young

Kissable Pink Lip

Makes transparent skin without leaving any blemishes by using the ‘UHD Stick Foundation #R230’. Later put on the ‘HD Blush #210’ for a lovely and pink cheekbone.

Match the color of the cheeks by applying the ‘Artist Lip Balm #920’. It is a stick type lip balm that wishes for a soft pink kiss. The moisturizing jelly texture will make the lips feel soft and comfortable, which will also give an easy application.

4 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Artist Lip Balm  #920 Dolly Pink, 2.5g, 34,000 KRW (limited edition).

5 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Dress from Jill Stuart Collection, earrings from Jealousy, and hat from Ink.

Feminine Rosy Pink

Makes moisturized and transparent skin without any blemishes using the ‘Ultra HD Foundation #115’, which will also create a brighter skin. Spreading the ‘Artist Lip Blush #921’ on the cheekbones will also enhance the natural effect.

Artist Lip Blush #921’ gives slight shadings to the face line and on the lips as if dried roses are being dyed. ‘Artist Lip Blush’ glides on softly, but the velvet texture with a powdery finish leaves behind a matte touch called the ‘reverse effect’.

6 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Artist Lip Blush #921 Woody Rose, 2.5g, 34,000 KRW (limited edition).

7 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Pullover knit from Dahong.

“There are various colors and textures in pink. Colorful expressions made by pink can enable any women to look more beautiful.”

-Actress Jung So Min

2-Tone Pink Lip

Apply the ‘Artist Shadow Metallic Finish #658’ on the eyes starting from the eyelid to the inner eyes on both sides for a slight gradation effect.

In order to play up this season’s trendy two-toned color lips, apply the ‘Artist Lip Balm #920’ on the entire lip. Next, dab a bit of the ‘Aqua Lip #16C’ on the inner side in comparison to the soft pink lip. Then spread the leftover residue on the border line of where the artist lip balm was applied. This soft pen-type aqua lip tint has vivid pigments, and it is easy to finish as a one-stop put-and-go makeup.

8 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Artist Lip Balm #920 Dolly Pink, 2.5g, 34,000 KRW (limited edition). Aqua Lip #16C Coated Cherry, 1.2g, 25,000 KRW.

9 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Dress from Beetle Beetle.

Artistic Fuchsia Pink

After applying the ‘Diamond Powder #13’ on the eyelid, use the ‘Aqua Excel #M-22 Eyeliner’, launching this Apri 2016l, near each end corners of the eyes.

Apply the ‘Rouge Artist Natural #N31’ fully on the lips. This has a creamy texture creating natural shines, brighter skin, and no blemishes on the skin.

10 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Rouge Artist Natural # N31, 3.5g, 32,000 KRW.

11 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Dress from Rookie Bud.

Glossy vs Matte Pink

It’s never easy having both textures of glossy eyes and matte lips together, but here’s proof that it can exist. Apply the ‘Artist Flash Gloss #201’ over the eyes and create a pure glossy color. Next, draw the eyeliner using ‘Aqua liner #13’ to make matte black eyes, and use the ‘Aqua Smoky Extra Bergant’ on the eyelashes to make vivid eyelashes.

In order to create a perfect comparison of glossy eyes, apply the ‘Aqua Rouge #21’ on the lips. This aqua rouge is known for being completely waterproof and not rubbing off on any cups, and the color pigments are very vivid and long lasting. It has the ability to portray two textures of matte finish liquid color and lacquer transparent gloss.

12 Marie Claire April 2016 Jung So Min

Aqua Rouge #21 Cool Candy Pink, 2.5mlx2, 36,000 KRW.


Source: Marie Claire Korea

Editor:  Han Eun Kyung
Photography:  Kim Myung Sung, Jung Sung Won
Hair: 손 혜진 Son Hye-Jin
Makeup: 이 영 Lee Young
Styling: 곽 지아 Kwak Jia
Reference:  April 2016 Issue

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