Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings presents MAC’s Flamingo Park Collection

Case in point: try bold and vibrant colors for makeup. You won’t know until you try them out. Read more about MAC’s Flamingo Park Collection that consists of colorful hues that Romero Jennings, the Director of Makeup Artistry at M.A.C. COSMETICS, shares with Marie Claire Korea.

A Beautiful Sunshine

Get ready for the extravagant Flamingo Park Collection this spring that will bring you a glowing and transparent skin. Romero Jennings, the Director of Makeup Artistry at M.A.C. COSMETICS will share his special makeup tips and the new 2016 spring makeup trend.
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Flamingo Park

Cover all blemishes using ‘Lightful C SPF50/PA+++ Quick Finish Compact’. Put a layer of hot magenta from ‘Flamingo Park Eyeshadow’ over the eyelids, and use ‘Powder Blush Spring Flock’ on the cheekbones to emphasize more loveliness. At this time, using a brush that is just made for the cheeks will make it easier. Then apply the ‘Mineralized Skinfinish Soft and Gentle’ on the highlighter zone for a gentle shine and defined feature. Lastly, use the ‘Flocking Fabulous Lipstick’ to make bright coral lips, and put on a second layer with ‘Cremesheen Glass Petite Indulgence’ to create a glass bead appearance.

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Luster Skin

Have flawless skin by putting on the ‘Lightful C SPF50/PA+++ Quick Finish Compact’ and ‘Selfie Cover Cushion’. The ‘Strobe Cream’ on the highlighter zone helps create a gentle and luster skin. Next, ‘Amber Times Nine’ eyeshadow over the eyes and ‘Big Brow Pencil in Spiked’ helps to add a definer shape. The ‘Velvetease Lip Pencil, Anything Goes’ also brings out the detailed colors with another layer of ‘Quite the Standout Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick’ for a last-minute glamorous touch.  

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Beauty Talk

Here is our big talk with MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry, as one of the biggest professional makeup artist with thousands of followers, Romero Jennings.

I thought you majored in fashion, but how did you become a makeup artist? Is there a special reason why you started working for MAC?

While in New York, I majored in fashion. And there was a time when I traveled to Japan for a vacation and randomly met a fashion designer. I became pretty close with the designer, helping out with some work, which led to working in Japan. I worked particularly in the makeup corner, and I was lucky to have prior knowledge from studying in New York. That made my job become much easier. Thereafter, I spent 5 years in Japan working as a makeup assistant. This was an invaluable experience, which I really enjoyed, and I even had the opportunity to work on my first big project – the designer’s catalogue – before returning to New York. Then I started working for a friend’s new makeup brand that recently launched. I can’t believe that has already been 24 or 25 years ago. (Laughs)

Is there a reason why you chose the colors green, blue and cherry?

MAC always chooses new colors for each seasonal backstage makeup trend, and it typically depends on what the fashion designer wants. It’s surprising to find that those requests are greatly influenced by the widely known social media, Instagram. Today’s trends tend to come from Instagram stars and posts, which actually coincide with our designer’s ideas on makeup such as blue eyes, matte lips, velvet lips, and hot cherry lips.

Can you explain this year’s trending skin look, ‘Luster’?

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I think these base trends are coming from K-Beauty. Korean women are largely interested in applying their base makeup, and they have high standards for their skincare. Moreover, they prefer quick makeup sessions in the morning with natural looking coverage, which is believed to be a ‘strobing method’ in the same context. Those picky preferences has probably led to creating trends of luster skin. The strobing method that initiated from last year has become an even stronger trend this year. If there were any changes that were made since then, it’s probably in the variety of makeup products available; there are more side products to help create the strobing effect more precisely.

How do you perfectly create a luster skin?

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Left: Lightful C SPF50/PA+++ Quick Finish Compact
Right: Mineralized Skinfinish Soft and Gentle

MAC’s ‘Lightful C SPF50/PA+++ Quick Finish Compact’ immediately improves the skin with the right amount of gloss and oil. The sponge puff itself is also very functional that makes crystal clear skin. In addition, the ‘Strobe Cream’ and ‘Mineralized Skinfinish Soft and Gentle’ are recommended. The strobe cream is especially good for daily highlighting uses. Put on the cushion first, then the strobe cream over the cheekbone area and nose. The artist tip is to apply the cream wherever that needs a highlighting effect. You can even mix the strobe cream with foundation, but just be careful of creating excess oil if you have oily skin.

What do you think of Korean women?

Korean women are considerably stylish. They consume information quickly and respond to new products and makeup almost instantly. But they don’t just follow every trend. They find the right style and makeup for themselves. Korean women are very smart. I think that is the reason why the entire world, including MAC, is so focused on K-Beauty.

What is one beauty tip that you would give to all Korean women?

Do not be afraid of putting on color makeup! We prefer warm colors when winter is passing, or even naturally blue or green water colors. But it’s unfortunate that many Korean women are afraid of trying on defined colors on their skin. Blue and green are actually life saviors that unexpectedly mixes well with about anything. It’s just that you have to be careful and not wear blue eyeshadow and a blue shirt together. Stick to one primary color like the 1980s for makeup. Recent color makeups are much better in quality, texture and pigment. You just need to put it on very lightly. Putting on a black mascara to volumize your lashes will complete your makeup and go well with any styles out there.

I think your trademark is ‘color’. What is your favorite MAC product that you would recommend to others?

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These days, my favorite lip product is the ‘Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick’. I use it almost every day and it surprises me every time. Taking selfies don’t need any filters either, because the colors are so bold and highly pigmented. Another product I would like to recommend for the K-Beauty trend is the ‘Lightful C SPF50/PA+++ Quick Finish Compact’. This cushion trend has started in Korea, and the liquid foundation is amazing. It’s good to keep in mind that MAC’s cushion products contain a considerable amount of moisture and coverage. It can probably represent MAC and their new line of makeup products for this new generation. We currently have five different colors in the cushion section, but we are planning to have more.

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Reference: March 2016 Issue