4 DIY K-Beauty Nail Colors & Designs for Spring 2016

Are you looking for the most perfect spring look on the street? Choose the right nail color and design (more specifically, self-nails) to make yourself look magnificent among everyone out there. Check out what’s being shared here with Nylon Korea!

In the flower garden

4 different pastel colors for this spring’s DIY nails


This season’s color pattern for the vintage bouquet nail is rose quartz and serenity. Use a cocktail stick with a round tip to dip the color and draw out the bouquet. This is known as the flower marbling effect. Then add a marble inside the flower on the nail to make it look 3-dimensional. Flower chain ring is from Golden Dew.  

2nd week: LINED ROSE

The rose petals are drawn exactly the same, but the expression is very minimal. After putting on a matte white color in one tone, add a rose shaped black dry decal sticker to create a simple yet sophisticated look. Crystal silver ring is from Agatha, and twisted ring is from editor’s collection.


Throw away your misconception that flower designed nails are just lovely and springy. The main patterned nails are painted in solid colors and the rest is left alone for tulip patterned petals on the tips of the nails. Having diverse colors such as purple, green, orange and violet makes it look more simple.


Gucci Collection of 2016 S/S influenced nails. The easy blend of model’s see-through blouse and material emphasizes her black transparent nails. The flower prints on the pastel tone brings out a lovely and feminine appearance. Knuckle rings are all from Codiciar, and skull bracelet from Trois Rois Jewelry.

Credit: Nylon Korea

Editor: LEE BO MI
Photographer: PARK CHOONG YUL

Jihee Park

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