Finding the Best K-Beauty Eyelash Curlers

Why is it important to curl your eyelashes? Well, it makes your eyes look larger and face look more fresher. It is like a secret weapon to all women if they know the trick. Find the right measurement of your eyes’ curvature and find the right eyelash curler that will give you a dramatic effect to your eyes. Read more with Nylon Korea to learn about measuring your eyes’ shape and curvature.

Measuring Eyelash Curvatures

The eyelash curlers we use all vary in size with at least 1mm in each.

1 Finding The Best K Beauty Eyelash Curlers

To be honest,  editors love camel eyelashes. But our eyelashes tend to sag without curling them. So it’s important to remember, eyelash curlers are a MUST-HAVE item!

Unfortunately though, some of us have stopped using the eyelash curlers for several reasons. Sometimes picking up skin while curling, hurting and irritating your eyes. It just couldn’t go like that. People stopped using the eyelash curlers without knowing the truth that the problem occurred from inaccurate curvature measurements of the tool and the eyes that made everything feel uncomfortable.

It’s surprising to know how the minimal bent region of the curler can make a huge difference to curling or not curling the eyelashes. The shape of everyone’s eyes are all different in a thousand ways. Most westerners have eyes that are well defined and 3-dimensional whereas asian eyes are more flat and gradual. Of course, it may still vary depending on the individual, but the width and length can be all different. Eyelash curlers depend on all of these different curvatures and digitize them to make the perfect fit for everyone’s eyes. Thereof, it’s important to choose the right eyelash curler to prevent any skin irritations and improper curlings of the eyelash.

2 Finding The Best K Beauty Eyelash Curlers

While we are at it, I decided to find the right eye curler for myself as well. In order to do that, I had to identify the measurement for my eye’s curvature. It might seem like a primeval process, but  using a piece of paper can do the trick. First, measure the length of your eyes with a ruler. Then mark that measurement on the paper. Next, cut out another piece of paper about the size of your eyes and wrap over the eyes. Again, mark the width and length of your eyes on that sheet of paper using a pencil and cut it accordingly. Finally, using the marked papers, tape each end together to make a half moon shape. That is your exact eye curvature of both the width and length.

Now you need to find an eye curler that matches this self measurement. You can measure the curvature of the eye using another simple method. Insert the paper inside the eye curler, which will leave behind an arch shape, and draw a straight line at the bottom and measure it. If you measure the center point of the straight line to the center arch, that determines the height. For me, I had 34mm in width and 7.5mm in length.  The approximate value matched best with Shiseido’s eyelash curler. Compared to the old curler that didn’t grab all the lashes in place, this new eyelash curler got the entire lashes even to its roots to perfectly curl them. The Koji’s 17R eyelash curler is deep and small that it is most appropriate for westerners, and 18-19R curler is better for flat shaped asian eyes. In that case, I should have been better off with the 18-19R eyelash curler, but it clipped my skin every time and made it very uncomfortable.

As a result, instead of testing out every single eyelash curlers out there, this self-measurement made everything so much easier. I thought eyelashes were unimportant and something that could be left alone, but I realized that it played a huge role in our face makeup. Sometimes people don’t seem to notice the changes in our hair color but still notice the different eyelashes we put on, which makes it a big deal. That small detail on your lashes can make a huge difference to your face makeup, and that is something I cannot give up (laughs).

Credit Info: Nylon Korea
Editor: BAK JI HYE
Photographer: KIM JAN DEE

Jihee Park

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